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Custom Phone Chargers and Branded Power Banks

Custom Phone Chargers and Branded Power Banks

Business communications now rely heavily on smartphones and mobile devices, which all require chargers. In fact, many of us are inseparable from our phones – they’re practically an extra appendage now. Don’t let your employee’s phones run out of battery during an important conference call or while they’re on the go! To make sure their devices are always fully charged and functional, why not take a look at NYPPCO’s custom phone chargers and branded power banks, all of which can be imprinted with your company’s logo.

Any item emblazoned with your logo increases brand exposure for your company, but custom phone chargers will hold a special place in the hearts of your potential customers, employees, and clients. We use our phones every day, and without a phone charger, we wouldn’t be able to text, call, or video chat the people who matter most. Each time they plug their devices into your custom phone chargers and branded power banks, they’ll thank you for this practical gift.

Custom Phone Chargers

Your employees and clients won’t go anywhere without one of these nifty chargers. There’s no such thing as having too many chargers, and when a friend or colleague asks to borrow a phone charger, they’ll take notice of your logo.

Your prospective clients, employees, and long-time business partners act as mobile advertisements when they carry your custom phone chargers with them. Increased brand awareness is built into these promotional chargers, making sure you get the best bang for your buck. Our extensive selection of chargers come in countless colors and designs, allowing for optimal logo placement that bests suits your business.

Branded Power Banks

Especially for those who have a long commute or tend to travel often, finding a wall socket in a crowded airport or train just isn’t possible. That’s where NYPPCO’s branded power banks come into the picture. Wherever they are, your employees and customers can power up their devices and keep in contact with their family, friends, and coworkers.

These power banks come in a variety of mAh capacities, catering to any budget. Milliamp hours (mAh) describe the amount of energy a battery can store, which determines the charging strength of your power bank.

In addition to convenience, these branded power banks also feature large imprint surfaces, making your logo more eye-catching for anyone who happens to take notice.

3-in-1 Multi Device Charging Cables

Are you a multitasker? Well, so are these 3-in-1 multi device charging cables. With four cables attached to one adapter (two iPhone lightning cables, a Type C, and a Micro USB cable), you’re able to charge all of your work and play devices with this versatile set.

These promotional multi device charging cables make great gifts for any of your employees or clients who are constantly searching for more charging stations or wall sockets to plug in their devices. With all of the charger heads available in one place, they won’t have to look any further!

Promoting your company’s brand with NYPPCO is just as convenient as our custom phone chargers. Low battery? Call (833) 369-7726 to speak to one our branding experts about customization options, graphic design, and more! Remember – your brand and our stuff go perfectly together.