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The History Of Promotional Products

If you are the owner of a small business or a company, you may have company products branded with the company name or logo. These are called promotional products. Promotional products can be extremely useful in marketing your business because it allows your company image and/or brand to grow as an idea in potential customer's mind. By having your logo imprinted on a variety of items used every day, your company can be at the top of everyone's minds. If your company currently doesn't offer any promotional products, you should look into hiring a promotional product distributer in New York City. For information on promotional product companies, search promotional products New York NY or Long Island promotional products.

To find a promotional products company, search promotional products Manhattan or promotional products New York NY as it will help you find more information on available services and products. Promotional products can be used to spread a message or awareness of a brand. The first known use of promotional products was in the form of commemorative buttons. This dates back to 1789 when George Washington was elected president. Advertising calendars, rulers, and other wooden specialties were common during the early and mid-1800s. However it wasn't until the later part of the 1800s that promotional products really took off, at a time when they were abundantly developed and marketed. A man named Jasper Freemont Meek is known to be one of the earliest significant contributors to this new and developing industry. He was the owner of a small newspaper shop in Ohio, and supplemented his revenue by taking on job printing.

Meek approached a friend with the idea about building his store's traffic by instilling name recognition, thus ultimately increasing sales. His idea was to imprint a burlap book bag with a simple direct marketing message, “Buy Cantwell Shoes.” Every child who entered his Cantwell's Shoe store would leave with a free bag. As the trend grew, you could see kids all over the town carrying these branded bags. After this venture, Meek went on to make imprinted horse covers that could be seen on almost every horse in town. He then officially started his own promotional products company that sold specialty items—and he had practically no competition.

Meek's first competitor was Henry D. Beach, ironically, another small newspaper publisher from Ohio. Both men were aggressively imprinting anything that could run through a printing press, in an attempt to be the first to create new products. This included cloth caps, aprons, bags for marbles, buggy whips, card cases, calendars, and printed paper fans. Beach was the first to begin printing metal signs, and soon after Meek followed trend. They both successfully succeeded in imprinting metal, and proceeded to produce metal advertising trays for some of the best known soda and beer companies in the world.

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