What Does a Promotional Product Say About Your Business?

A couple of fidget spinners, which make a fun promotional product.
What kind of impression does your promotional products make?

Every business puts deep consideration into how they want their corporate image to be perceived. Whether it’s by consumers, partners, the competition, and prospective employees. Furthermore, making the right impression among these groups is pivotal to the growth of any business. Perception is why companies dedicate whole departments to creating and maintaining their image. A creative way to spread the word is through the use of a promotional product, but choosing the right items to put your company logo on is not as easy as it sounds.

Location! Location!

Consider where you are going to be giving out these promo items. Are you going to a trade show, where you’ll interact with business-minded people and professionals? Perhaps, you are giving out these things in a busy metropolitan area as a part of a direct marketing campaign. For the former, you may want to supply yourself with office accessories like binders, desk knick-knacks, maybe stress balls. In direct marketing campaigns, you should try something farther from the office. Universally appealing items like name-brand candy bars with your company’s logo, hand spinners, or tote bags would be a better fit for an open environment.

Whether you want to give out t-shirts or coffee mugs speaks to what kind of people you are trying to attract. Know your audience and discover who you’ll be handing these promo products to. As a result, this knowledge will give you a better understanding of what products make the right impression. You need to think about this before ordering a boatload of pens, blankets, and machine washable beverage insulators. What you are communicating with these promo items is important than the items you want to use to communicate.

A Promotional Product Is Not Just a Gimmick, Don’t Treat It Like One

A promotional product assists in spelling out what you want to say. Ideally, you’ll be aiming to hit that sweet spot. The point where the item grabs someone’s attention and makes them want to learn more about your business. While you do want to put much thought into your promo items, you don’t want to put too much thought as to give off a non-organic feel to your company. Trying too hard to come across as too cool at a trade show might come off as desperate to some of the more experienced prospective employees and may draw the attention of more naive, underdeveloped (talent-wise) candidates.

Now, we are not saying choosing the wrong promotional item is absolutely detrimental to your company. However, what we are saying is that a little thought goes a long way. With focused marketing, good decision-making, and an understanding of your audience you can turn what might seem like just a gimmicky attention-grabbing aesthetic into a real conversation starter.

Start shaping your brand’s perception today. NYPPCO offers all of these items and so much more. If you need extra customization options, call us at (844)-8-NYPPCO and speak to one of our consultants to see what we can do for you. Make an impression with the right promotional product.