Using Promotional Products Effectively

Once you’ve made the decision to use promotional products for marketing and branding purposes, you’ll need to figure out a strategy on how to use those promotional products to drive customers to your business and to actually increase brand recognition for your company.

Almost everyone loves getting promotional products for free, but you don’t really want to just give away these products without having some kind of return for your efforts. In order to make best use of your promotional products, and receive the maximum return on them, here are some things you should be doing.

Make Sure Your Products Stand Out

You can’t really expect tremendous results if you only make a half-hearted effort at distributing promotional items to your audience. In order to really get some benefit from the promotional items that you choose, you have to make sure they’re products that people will want to use over and over again, so that you can actually turn all your recipients into walking advertisements for your company.

That means you’re going to need to choose some useful and interesting products that people would actually want to use in their daily lives, rather than something like a cheap pen which they might just throw away. A few such interesting items might be a thumb drive that has a very creative design, for instance your company logo, or a shopping bag that people could take with them to the market every day, or perhaps a promotional mug which carries a message about your company.

Having the right kind of artwork is also very important to the design of your promotional item. This means you should find a good art designer and work with them, so that any giveaways that you conduct will include high-quality artwork that captures the attention of recipients. Whenever a promotional item has this kind of amazing artwork on it, people are much more inclined to use it or wear it, and that means everyone who they come in contact with, will also be attracted to the terrific artwork you’ve created.

Make Sure the Message Gets Through

Whatever it is that you decide to put on your promotional item, make sure that it’s simple and that it relates well to your audience. This is true whether you’re just going to put your company logo on an item, or a full message, or perhaps even some terrific artwork to capture everyone’s attention.

In addition to working with a skilled graphics designer, you may want to work with a good copywriter to craft a perfect message that will convey your company values to your target audience. If you can intrigue the audience with what’s written on promotional item, you can guarantee that they will use the product more, and that it will then be seen more by others.

A good promotional message should be able to communicate what your company is like, what you have to offer, and what your target audience might expect from you in terms of products or services. On the other hand, a poorly crafted message might seem unprofessional, and might not resonate with your target audience, in which case it’s very possible the promotional item will go unused.

Don’t Forget Your Target Audience

Before you settle on the kind of promotional product you’re going to use in your campaign, make sure you give some serious thought to who your target audience is, and how it is that you’re going to attract them. Whatever promotional items that you settle on, they should be items which are in line with your business and its principles.

The items you choose should also have great relevance to your target audience, and should be something they can use in their daily lives, hopefully on a continuing basis. The more your target audience likes the products, the more they would use them, and the more recognizable will be your company brand name and its message.

If necessary, do some research before your promotional product campaign to find out what kind of items might be useful to your target audience, so that much of the guesswork can be left behind.

Order the Right Number

It’s a good idea for you to attempt to estimate how many products you’ll need in order to have a successful promotional item giveaway campaign. You don’t want to order too many or too few of the products you’re going to be using.

It would be a shame to have a big run on the promotional items that you are giving away, for instance at a tradeshow, and fall short on the number of items you have to give away. On the other hand, you don’t want to order so many that they just lay around taking up space long after the campaign has ended.

Start Working from Within

The first part of a promotional giveaway campaign should be to make sure your company employees are given any printed T-shirts, bags, or branded coffee mugs, before they’re issued to the general public.

This would be a nice touch to show your company employees how much you appreciate them, and it will also provide you some feedback on which items are found to be the most useful. Since this tactic incorporates both beta testing and establishing good employee relationships, it’s a win-win situation for your company.