Using Custom Laptop Bags to Promote Your Business

Custom laptop bags like the one shown here are a great way to get your brand noticed.
Custom laptop bags can help your company create a highly mobile branding impression.

If there’s one trend in the modern world which can be said to be literally sweeping the globe, it’s that everyone is going mobile. There’s almost nowhere you can go without seeing smartphones glued to people’s ears, or being checked for new notifications and messages. For business people and for students of all ages, laptop computers have overtaken the world of computing because of the advantage they provide of being usable from any location. For business people seeking ways to capitalize on trends which are already in place, and which are likely to remain so indefinitely, the trend toward mobile computing is as good as it gets. And what does everyone who owns a laptop computer really need? They need a laptop bag to put it in so that it can be kept secure against bumps and scrapes, and so that it doesn’t get damaged if you happen to drop the laptop. This makes the idea of using custom laptop bags one of the best ideas you could possibly come up with for promoting your company, and for conveying a message to a specific target audience.

The Versatility of Laptop Bags

Actually, laptop bags can be used for much more than simply holding your mobile computer. You can also store items such as important documents, meeting papers, notebooks, pens and pencils, paper clips, and even your smartphone. Laptop bags are not only very practical, but they can also be extremely handsome in appearance if properly manufactured.

What better way could you have of increasing brand awareness for your company than providing a subtle message on the side of a custom laptop bag, sold at a significant discount to company employees, or to other interested business associates? You could even provide laptop bags as a generous company giveaway at seminars, conferences, and trade shows, where large numbers of people might be expected in attendance.

Since you can design your branded laptop bags in a number of ways, you can offer tremendous appeal to a wide range of business people and others. For instance, you could make them in the shoulder bag style, as a hand-carried briefcase type of bag, or as a rucksack, depending on how well that meshes with your company image, and the branding message you’d like to convey.

Businesses Benefiting by Custom Laptop Bags

While most businesses could benefit by offering branded laptop bags to potential customers, not all business personnel are suitable for the promotion. Historically, the types of business people who have achieved the most benefit and value from custom laptop bag promotions are those in the retail sales business, marketing companies, and some other companies involved in communications.

Sales personnel are generally very mobile themselves, and regardless of where it is they’re traveling to, you can bet they’ll have their laptops with them. If you get your custom laptop bag in the hands of salespeople, you can be sure that it will be seen by a wide number of people beyond the actual salesperson owning it.

Marketing and advertising professionals are already well aware of the advantages of custom laptop bags, and any time they’re meeting with other professionals, they will be conveying your company message and increasing brand awareness through exposure of your laptop bag.

Communications professionals also would make great personnel to be provided with custom laptop bags. These kinds of people are always on the go, and always meeting with a great many other professionals, sometimes in public relations, and sometimes with media people.

In any case, the day-to-day requirements of the job for these kinds of professionals make them great candidates for having custom laptop bags, so they can become walking advertisements for your company branding, and its products or services.

Custom laptop bags like the one pictured here allow your brand to remain visible on the go.
Custom laptop bags can keep the equipment of your customers and employees safe while reaching a wide audience.

The Right Custom Laptop Bag for Your Business

OK, so you’re sold on the idea of using a custom laptop bag to promote your business - how will you know which one you should put in the hands of your target audience for maximum benefit?

Shoulder bags are probably the most common and recognizable type of laptop bag because they’re very comfortable and convenient to wear, and of course, they’re very resistant to the wear and tear of daily business life.

Laptop backpacks are another great choice because more and more people are wearing them on their daily walks or as they bicycle to work. Backpacks can also have plenty of room for other materials which need to be transported, even a change of shoes or other clothing.

Zip-up cases are very convenient for carrying your laptop between meetings, and they provide a smaller profile, so they can be carried underarm. These are ideal for advertising your company’s brand or marketing message, because they are fully customizable, and they are terrific giveaways at gatherings where large numbers of professionals come together.

One Last Consideration

When you’re thinking about which type of custom laptop bags you’d like to use for promoting your business, make sure to take function into account. Be sure that the laptop bag you choose provides the kind of functionality that your target audience will be attracted to so that you can be sure they will actually use them, and carry your message all around town with them.