Using Branded Balloons to Promote Your Business

Hands hold up yellow balloon letters spelling out the word branded, much like how branded balloons help elevate your business.
Branded balloons can give your business a stylish flair while showcasing your company identity.

One of the most powerful marketing tools you could possibly use to promote your business is brightly colored branded balloons. While balloons might not be the first thing you think of as part of your marketing strategy, they can be incredibly effective, because they make a connection for most people back to their childhood days, when brightly colored, bouncy balloons were so appealing.

Across the years, balloons don’t lose that appeal, so that while youngsters do appreciate them, people who are much more advanced in years are still attracted by the airy, playful appeal of filled balloons. As a marketing tool, they’re terrific because they stand out and consistently cause people to turn their heads, appreciating the novelty and the sheer fun of the balloons. You can put this appeal to work for your company by making promotional balloons one of the tools that you use to reach your target audience, with a message about your company and its branding.

When is it Appropriate to use Balloons?

The truth is, air-filled promotional balloons can be used at just about any event where there will be a gathering of a significant number of people. In the course of any given year, that could include a number of carnivals, customer appreciation days, seminars, conferences and other community events where using promotional balloons can reach a wide audience.

The great thing is, they can be used at both indoor events and outdoor events so that you’re not limited to seasonal appeal. Promotional balloons are often used very effectively around archways at indoor events such as trade shows, and they add a charming, whimsical touch to just about any other gathering you can arrange. Any events like these offer great opportunities for you to give away your promotional balloons, and keep your company name in the eyes of the public.

Which Kind of Branded Balloons Best Suit Your Business?

Branded balloons come in a variety of different materials, including latex, foil, and other materials, and the one that you choose for your business promotion will depend on budget considerations and the type of occasion they’re being distributed at. Corporate events are ideal kinds of venues for distributing latex branded balloons because they add warmth and an inviting aspect to any conference room where they’re installed, and they impart a sense of fun and whimsy at the same time.

Imagine a conference room filled with representatives from around the country who are all there to listen and learn about some aspect of your business. As their eyes gaze around the room and take in the whole setting, they will inevitably come upon your branded promotional balloons and eyes will stay fixed for at least long enough to read the message.

Helium-filled balloons float very well, making them a great addition to any stage or group of tables at a seminar or in a conference room. Pulling several of them together can draw even more attention to your corporate message, and they can be weighed down at desired locations where greater visibility can be expected. Air-filled balloons are often used in clusters as well, being tied to chairs, windows, and doorways as cheerful sentinels of the proceedings.

The color of the balloons you choose for your promotional branding should be a reflection of the image you’re trying to convey, and whenever possible, they should align with colors which are already distinctive about your company and its branding.

These kinds of branded balloons are perfect for special events like launching new products because they automatically convey a sense of celebration. When you hand out balloons to attendees, they might walk around with them for hours, providing continued recognition for your company and your brand. This is why you might want to choose balloons which stay aloft for several hours, to garner the maximum amount of exposure and attention for your business.

A single yellow balloon rises above a sea of grey balloons much like a business would who properly uses balloons.
Using branded balloons will elevate your business above the competition.

Where Should You Place Your Balloons?

You really can’t go wrong with branded balloon placement, because anywhere that you choose to put them, they are sure to attract lots of attention. But if you’re looking for the absolutely ideal place to position your balloons, you might want to put them in a spot which can be seen from a distance away, as well as up close.

If you’re trying to reach an audience that’s relatively distant as well as up close, you may need to increase the size of balloons you use and to place them strategically at positions in the room where they can be seen above other ground-level objects. For instance, entranceways and doorways can always be very effective in terms of getting attention, because everyone has to walk through them on their way to the conference room. It can also be a good idea to place your balloons at the front of a room and at the back of the room, so as to encourage the curiosity of the participants.

Keep the Domino Effect in Mind

To get the most out of your promotional balloon event, keep the domino effect in mind. What is meant by this is that you should intentionally create situations where your branded balloon stands might present very appealing photo opportunities to guests in attendance.

This will encourage them to take pictures which can be sent to friends and colleagues as fun signs of the event, and some of these may eventually turn up on the social media. If you can create situations where your promotional branded balloons are photographed and posted to social media, you will have free advertising that can potentially travel all around the globe.