The Value of a Promotional Pen: It Means More Than You Think

A set of eight different pens. Each one can be used to make a promotional pen.
Imagine your brand on a promotional pen.

There are just some promotional items that people aren’t willing to give the benefit of the doubt. And at New York Promotional Products Company (NYPPCO), we feel like that’s a shame. Every product has a unique value, no matter how small. Take, for instance, a promotional pen.

A Promotional Pen Says Something About a Person

"What purpose does a promotional pen have other than something people grab at the front desk?"

That’s the question you are probably asking yourself now. Believe it or not, a promotional pen has more value than just being a simple giveaway item. In the traditional sense, these kinds of pens do work as marketing material. Your customers find them useful, they keep them, and will remember your company because of it. However, it serves another unique purpose.

They are the perfect marketing material to carry around with you all the time. An ordinary pen goes unnoticed, but a promotional pen doesn’t. Having one with your brand and company name creates an impression. Whether it’s when you go to meetings with new or potential clients. They will notice a branded pen.

Carrying a branded pen tells your clients a lot about you. It’s like a uniform of sorts. It shows that you are dedicated to and confident about your business. They will see that you put effort into every aspect of its success, no matter how small the detail. And that’s the kind of person you clients will want to do business with.

Buying a promotional pen from NYPPCO

At NYPPCO, we have every pen for every need. From light up and tablet pens to regular old ballpoint pens with your company and logo on it. Call us at (844) -8- NYPPCO or contact us. Our consultants are ready to take your call and answer all of your promotional product needs.