The Coolest Custom Pens at NYPPCO

One of many hi-tech custom pens from NYPPCO.
We love all of the different custom pens at NYPPCO.

By now, you should know the value of promotional and custom pens. They are small items but make excellent promotional materials. Now the only question you should have is what kind of custom pen should you invest in? There are plenty and here are a few at NYPPCO that we think are the coolest.

The Classic Ballpoint Pen Set

Yes, ballpoint pens are fairly common. However, nothing is cooler than seeing a custom pen with your logo on the side of it. It’s official, it’s professional and sure to make an impression. The best part about ballpoint pens is that they come in so many varieties. Some feature fast-drying ink with the perfect grip, while others are made out of a fancy metal casing.

Hi-Tech Custom Pens

One of the coolest pens we have come across is our tablet pens. The pen’s tip retracts into and out of a rubber ball. When the pen’s tip is retracted, the attached rubber ball acts as a stylus for your phone or tablet. With everyone owning a smartphone or tablet, this is one of the most useful items we have available.

Fountain Pens

The reason we like fountain pens is because they are the ultimate professional pen. They are sleek, slick, and offer a smooth writing performance. When you crack the top off of one, you are sure to impress anyone around you. If you’re the big boss in the office, this is the pen for you.

Novelty Pens

The simple truth is that novelty pens are fun and silly. They are perfect for unconventional business or those who want to give out memorable marketing material. We love wacky pens with joke heads, twisted spines, and so many other crazy designs. These are the pens you are looking for if you want to get a little adventurous.

Take a look at all the pens in NYPPCO’s catalog, and if you are looking for something extra special, then contact us. Tell us exactly what you want and we’ll help you make it a reality.