Taking Full Advantage of Brand Types

Stickers made out of the word "brand," representing brand types.
By taking advantage of different brand types, you can elevate your business.

People spend a lot of time and money creating a brand for their business. That’s why they invest so much in supporting it, and why shouldn’t they? A brand is essentially the face of a company. What good does it do to hide it from the world? Marketing is the number one way to increase your brand’s visibility. Whether it’s through online advertisements or promotional products. As a business owner, you have to take full advantage of brand types.

You’ll be surprised to know that more than one type of brand exists. The trick to success is knowing the difference between each type and how to support them. Once you understand the full depth of your brands, you have the exciting opportunity to reach customers in a new way.

The 3 Brand Types You Should Pay Attention To

A brand applies to more than just your company. Every product or service you create carries its own brand as well. It all falls under your company’s overall branding, and while they are somewhat different, each follows a similar messaging tone. Here are the three most important brand types:

  • Company Brand - This is perhaps your most important brand. Not only does it represent your business but it acts as an umbrella for all your other promotional efforts. The messaging of your company brand influences everything else you do or create. It also dictates your company’s reputation and how it is perceived by the public. When promoting your company brand, remember to stick to your core values. You’ll find that people often care about more than just the products you sell but what your company stands for.
  • Product Brand - When you create a new product, it has to stand out on its own. This is why it has its own brand. For example, Apple is a company brand. However, their products and services have their own identities (iPhone, iMac, Apple TV, etc.). These brands follow Apple’s overall messaging but interact more closely with consumers in their target audience. Your product’s brand needs to represent the ideas and emotions of the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Service Brand - Services are harder to promote. They are not something you can hold in your hand or physically have like a product. On the other hand, services do fulfill a certain need. Your service brand needs to focus on its promise and demonstrate the value to consumers. Show your audience that your service is worth investing in and can benefit their lives.

Supporting Your Brand

You need to remember two key facts. The first is that you have to deliver on your brand promise. You messaging means nothing if your customer’s experience with your company, as well as its products and services is less than satisfactory. The second fact is that your messaging means nothing if you don’t find innovative ways to spread it around. At New York Promotional Products Company, we find innovative ways to market your brand with our stuff. Wouldn’t you say that sounds perfect together?