Stress Relief Promo Products

Stress relief promo products are a great way to keep your employees stress-free and happy inside and outside the workplace.
Stress relief promo products are a great way to show appreciation for the work your team does.

Why Should Your Business Use Stress Relief Promo Products?

At NYPPCO, we believe in inventive promo products for your employees. That’s why we think they deserve better than the boring conventional stress ball. In fact, studies show that stress cuts employee productivity significantly, with 1 in 4 Americans citing their job as the biggest source of stress. That being said, NYPPCO’s catalog is full of stress relief promo products that go above and beyond.

When thinking about office promo items, people rarely think of the words "luxurious" or "high-end." We’re here to reverse that attitude. With stress relief promo products like sleep mask sets and USB essential oil diffusers, your team will thank you for tossing stress balls for more creative wellness and relaxation products.

NYPPCO can turn promoting your business into the art of gift-giving.

USB Essential Oil Diffusers and Bath Sets

When most of your employees think of calming their nerves, they probably think of ways to escape the office. Our products make sure that they stay happy both inside and outside the workplace. These bath sets and USB oil diffusers allow stress relief while sitting at your desk or while checking your email at home. Office promotional products shouldn’t stop being useful when you’re off the clock.

NYPPCO’s nifty essential oil diffusers effortlessly bring an aromatherapy spa day into the office. They include three essential oil dropper bottles and a USB travel diffuser with your personalized logo, complete with a laser-etched lid and attractive packaging. In our catalog, they can be found under the name, "Beautiful Day Set."

We also offer luxurious bath sets. Like providing health care and 401k plans, taking care of your employees extends beyond what you do in the office. After a long day, a soak in the bath is all you want. This "Little Luxuries" set has it all: bath bombs, essential oils, scented candles, and bath salts. With your company name on these pieces, we guarantee you’ve just made your team members’ spa weekends.

Spa setting with shells, stones, and blue towels. Stress relief promo products don’t have to be boring - they can be high-end and luxurious, especially when they’re for your long-time clients and employees.
Branded essential oil diffusers and spa day essentials turn promoting your business into the art of gift giving. Stress relief promo products don’t have to be boring – they can be high-end and luxurious, especially when they’re for your long-time clients and employees.

Yoga Mats and Other Sports Gear

Studies have proven that exercise helps you sleep better, and is a natural stress relief method. Although most office jobs require a lot of sitting all day, our fitness promo products encourage people to be more active.

Many people like tracking their physical activity levels, like how many steps they’ve taken in a day or how many floors they’ve climbed. Our sports watches and activity trackers help your employees keep up to date on their fitness goals in style.

Yoga mats are also a great way to promote your business since yoga has become a popular fitness regimen for young working professionals. At NYPPCO we are experts at keeping current and knowing exactly what promo products are relevant to your customers and employees.

Stress Relief With Fidget Cubes

For your more nervous employees and customers, we carry fidget cubes. While these are the cousin of fidget spinners, fidget cubes are much less distracting. Instead of sidetracking the user, they work similarly to repeatedly clicking a pen while brainstorming ideas.

We understand that stress relief comes in a number of ways, and we have stress relief promo products for a variety of lifestyles. NYPPCO’s fidget cubes also come in a variety of colors and contain flip, click, glide, spin and roll functions. Nervous hands will be kept busy, while keeping productivity levels high at work.

Relax With Color-changing Mood Sunglasses

When it comes to relaxation, we make sure that your employees take time off in style. For their next beach vacation, why not give them company-branded sunglasses that change color according to their mood?

Whether the perfect weekend off includes taking a road trip or tanning on the beach, these shades put the "fun" in function. The color of the frames changes with the intensity of UV exposure, so they’re sure to be a hit in the summer months.

Floating Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

If your team has a penchant for lounging poolside, these completely waterproof speakers supply their favorite tunes while they find their Zen.

In this digital age, most people use their smartphones as sources of entertainment, from booking concert tickets to downloading new apps. Your employees don’t have to leave their devices behind to use these Bluetooth speakers. The versatile design allows it to play crystal clear music while it floats on the water.

Promoting With NYPPCO

We hope this has sparked some ideas on how to show appreciation for your staff. Supplying your workers with thoughtful company-branded products is a great way of saying thank you. Check out the rest of our promo items over on our website.