Promotional Well-Being and Meditation Gifts

Enhance your well-being with yoga

One of the hottest trends in promotional gifts these days is providing items related to personal well-being, and for as many people as possible. More and more individuals are being swept up into programs and lifestyles that include wellness activities such as meditation, yoga, and other practices. These provide beneficial effects to both mind and body, and they contribute powerfully to a sense of whole health.

Because this movement has become so popular and widespread among the consumer public, promoting your company name and branding through promotional giveaways related to lifestyle has become ideal. In the minds of recipients, an association is made between items related to their well-being and whole body health, and your company, possibly including its products and/or services.

Even if you don’t happen to be in the industry of manufacturing such products, you can derive long-lasting benefits by associating your company name with promotional items that do contribute to health and well-being.

Why Well-Being Works Well with Promotional Items

The practice of meditation and yoga are not routines which are merely tried once or twice and then discarded by the practitioner as an accomplished fact. Anyone who sincerely adopts the principles of wellness that are espoused by yoga and meditation is really in it for more of a lifestyle change than for doing an occasional activity.

Since meditation is often a daily part of the practitioner’s routine, it’s something that he/she will be involved with every single day, for some amount of time. If you can provide well-being promotional materials to such dedicated practitioners, your company name and logo will be before their eyes on a daily basis. That’s a hard scenario to beat, in terms of free advertising and daily reminders about your company.

Essential Oils

Some of the promotional ideas that you could use in this area include essential oils or fragrances, both of which are common to the meditation experience. Essential oils can be used on sore muscles and joints, and aromas help establish the room with a calming meditative preparatory setting. Roll-on oils are another way to institute a company presence in the meditation room, and these relaxing dabs of oil can be explicitly placed on sore spots or problem muscle groups to help with the relaxation process. They often come in either plastic or glass bottles, either of which can easily be imprinted with your company name or logo, to convey a subtle reminder to the user that your company is one which values the principles of well-being and good health.

Bath Essentials

When a person finishes a meditation session, quite often the first choice for a next activity is a relaxing bath, or perhaps a hot shower to soothe strained muscles. Some possibilities for useful products at this time would be bath and shower essentials that continue the notion of naturally made products, suitable for relaxing the muscles of the body and for quieting the mind.

Many different types of shower gels can be made for this purpose, as well as body scrubs, creams for dry hands or feet, or skin revitalizers that refresh and restore more vibrant, youthful-looking skin. All of these can have their containers imprinted with your company name or logo, so that every time a person walks into the shower for a bath or relaxing hot shower, these pleasant and useful well-being products are there to greet him/her and to provide soothing, restorative powers to the individual.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such products which can have tremendous appeal to a person who takes health and well-being seriously, and which can provide his/her body with products that pamper and help to maintain wellness. Another product which has become extremely popular these days with wellness gurus is shea butter body cream, which not only smells heavenly but instantly puts the practitioner in a calmer, more relaxed state of being.

Balm Pots

One of the components that is practically essential for any yoga or meditation session is penetrating aromatherapy because it not only delivers a delightful fragrance to the entire setting, but contributes to the practice of concentration and inner focus. For this purpose, small balm pots can be used to achieve the desired effect. Although these useful little containers are tiny, they still have enough room to be imprinted with your company logo, or perhaps the company name, so that there’s a daily reminder for a meditation practitioner that a company which espouses well-being provided this gift.

Meditation Mats

Many people prefer to position themselves on a small personal sized exercise mat while they practice yoga or meditate. While it may not be appropriate to decorate exercise mats with product announcements or even a company name, a company logo can be an appropriate and very subtle image imprinted on one of these mats. Without even thinking about a name or any products, the association of your logo will still come across in the mind of the practitioner and will establish a very favorable perception.