Promotional Umbrellas for Your Business

A beach umbrella against a blue sky. Beach umbrellas are just one of the promotional umbrella varieties NYPPCO has to offer.
Promotional umbrellas can increase sales even when rainy weather tries to dampen business.

Why Use Promotional Umbrellas?

Everyone knows that rainy days can dampen business, but you can be the exception to that rule! Promotional umbrellas emblazoned with your logo can bring in sales even when the weather gets soggy. A recent study showed that 83 percent of people would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful. Custom-imprinted umbrellas combine utility and originality, helping your business make a lasting impression.

At NYPPCO, we have a wide selection of promo umbrellas - from wind-resistant varieties to golf umbrellas. It doesn’t even have to be raining outside, providing a promotional umbrella to a current or potential customer is a warm gesture that shows you care. Whether you’re at a trade show, or running a promotional booth at an outdoor festival, our promotional umbrellas are sure to be a hit.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are always a good choice for raising brand awareness. Golf is more than just a favorite pastime for many Americans, it’s a way of life. Providing potential customers with golfing gear is a great way to win their hearts. Golf umbrellas are not limited to their use on the green - any time there is an outdoor event, like a cook-out or fundraiser, they are likely to come in handy.

The large graphic application surface of golf umbrellas also makes them an ideal promotional item, since their presence at outdoor social gatherings guarantees brand visibility for your business.

A crowd of umbrella-carrying pedestrians on a rainy day, depicting one of the many varieties of promotional umbrellas available in NYPPCO’s catalog.
Handing current or potential customers promotional umbrellas on a rainy day is a warm gesture they are sure to remember.

Wind-Resistant Umbrellas

When it comes to promo products that your customers will use over and over again, you want to hit the sweet spot between utility and innovation. NYPPCO’s catalog is full of high-quality wind-proof umbrellas that will keep your customers safe from powerful gusts, protecting them in stormy weather and leaving a long-lasting brand impression.

The best custom gifts and promotional items are things that your recipients can use regularly, and our highly functional wind-resistant umbrellas are a great choice for any kind of rainy day, from light showers to stormy days.

Bubble Umbrellas and Compact Umbrellas

Custom-imprinted mini umbrellas are the perfect combination of portability and brand exposure. NYPPCO’s catalog is full of compact umbrellas in attractive colorways. These cute umbrellas are not only a great promotional item but also a stylish accessory for your more fashion-conscious customers.

If your business is located in an urban area, it’s likely that people will have to walk a few blocks or take public transit to reach your storefront. Rainy days usually mean slow business, but keeping compact mini umbrellas with your logo on hand can help.

Bubble umbrellas are a quirky and memorable promo item, making them a popular choice for businesses who want to make an enduring impression. Bubble umbrellas, with their large imprintable surface and novel shape, will also make for an eye-catching accessory choice . Before your customers have to step back out in the rain, hand them your business’ promotional umbrella, and they’ll be sure to remember you for this act of kindness.

Beach Umbrellas

When it comes to raising brand awareness for your business, nothing says summertime fun like beach umbrellas. Festivals in the warmer months are great opportunities for your business to gain visibility. When combing the beach for customers, you could offer a free branded umbrella for every sign-up or purchase.

NYPPCO’s beach umbrellas come in a variety of vibrant colors and designs. They’re durable and wind-proof, making them ideal for outdoor promotions, summer festivals, and seaside events. Since custom beach umbrellas are sturdy and reusable for years to come, they have one of the lowest costs per impressions made that will continue to make innumerable impressions with more potential customers.

An umbrella giveaway will prepare festival-goers for any adverse weather that pops up on their trip, putting your business in the spotlight. Any others caught in the rain without an umbrella will want one, too! Studies show that promotional umbrellas make 51 percent of customers want to do business with a company again, and given their longevity, you create a doorway that will stay open for years to come.

Promoting Your Brand With NYPPCO

At NYPPCO, we have everything your business needs to make your brand stand out - from promotional umbrellas to chocolate bars to fitness watches. All of our promotional items come in a variety of customizable colors and designs. If you’re interested in promoting your business with NYPPCO, check out our catalog, and give us a call at (833) 369-7726!