Promotional Puzzles as a Marketing Tool

Kids laying on the floor playing with a traditional jigsaw puzzle which make great promotional products
Traditional jigsaw puzzles are a great option for use as a promotional product.

Using promotional puzzles can be a very innovative and effective way of achieving at least some of your marketing objectives, and they are a great idea for almost all companies, providing endless possibilities for conveying important marketing messages and increased visibility for your company brand. When you’re considering the possibility of using promotional jigsaw puzzles to market your business, you need to keep a few things in mind, so that your puzzle actually achieves the kind of awareness you’re seeking for your company.

First of all, your puzzle must be visually appealing, so as to attract significant attention just on the strength of its appearance. You also need to consider the level of difficulty in creating your puzzle, because you won’t want it to be too easy or too difficult to solve. The level of difficulty may be at least partly a function of who your intended target audience is since it could be children, teens, or older adults. In any case, it’s an important consideration, because you want your puzzle to be used and possibly passed on to others who may enjoy solving it themselves.

You may also want to give some thought to how your promotional puzzle will be packaged because that will affect how it gets distributed to members of your target audience. For instance, if you have your puzzle pieces placed in a convenient box, tin, or plastic container, it can be conveniently delivered to almost anyone at any location. Puzzles placed in a less secure packaging might only be suitable for distribution at specific events, and that will also tend to limit any extended distribution to other puzzle solvers.

Traditional Puzzles

Using traditional puzzles is always a good idea because they have instant recognition among many audiences, and in most cases, there’s also a built-in appeal for them already. These make great ideas for promotions because their mass appeal can get your company logo or slogan seen by large numbers of people.

Almost any kind of business can make use of traditional puzzles, especially if you have a kind of conservative business which likes to rely on tried and true methods and procedures. One of the underlying appeals of promotional puzzles is that they are fun to work with and that they stimulate the puzzle solver, so as to increase and retain engagement for a longer period of time than some other kinds of promotions might.

A few ideas for traditional kinds of puzzles might include many versions of some of the great traditional board games, card games, dice games, and everyone’s favorite, Rubik’s cube. These traditional puzzle promotions are tremendous giveaways at conferences and seminars because they can keep attendees occupied, in between talks and other activities during the weekend. And of course, while recipients of your traditional puzzles are engaged with puzzle solving, they are also unconsciously absorbing information about your company and its branding.

three wooden brain teasers set against a white background. These fun puzzles add variety to your promotional product line.
An example of a non-traditional brain teaser which can add some variety to your promotional product line.

Brain Teaser Puzzles

Brainteaser puzzles can be an extremely versatile and very appealing type of promotional puzzle because they can keep players involved for longer periods of time, and that means they are engaging with your company and its message longer. There’s a wide variety of brain teaser type puzzles that you can choose from, including many different types of designs and formats, and one of these is sure to be ideal for the kind of message your company hopes to convey to a selected audience.

The one thing to keep in mind for brain teaser type promotional puzzles is that you need to be especially aware of the degree of difficulty in solving the brain teaser. If you create frustration in the minds of your audience, that will end up leaving a negative impression, which runs counter to what you’re trying to achieve with the promotion. The perfect level of difficulty is one which stimulates your problem solver to think about the brain teaser, but which has a ready solution that almost everyone can find a little concentration.

Some of the brain teaser types of puzzles you can choose from include wooden puzzles, games which have several functions like puzzle rulers, and foam animal puzzles which can appeal strongly to children. If your company has a large number of clientele with younger children, the foam animal puzzles can be ideal, and when the children enjoy solving these puzzles, parents will appreciate the engagement, and will themselves come away with a favorable impression of your company.

Other brain teaser type puzzles you can choose might be patience games or word games, both of which can be used at gatherings of several adults, such as parties or simple after-dinner entertainment.

Creating Awareness and Fun at the Same Time

The great thing about using promotional puzzles as a marketing tool for your business is that they tend to generate fun times for the problem solvers, while at the same time raising awareness of your company and its branding. If you choose the right promotional puzzle for your business, you can create a very favorable impression in the minds of participants, who will then associate the fun and novelty of the puzzle with your business itself.