Promotional Branded Sweets

Branded sweets and candies

Using branded sweets and treats to promote your company can sometimes be an advantageous means of getting attention for both the company and its business. For clients who have no taste for sweets, of course, you may not leave any impression at all, but for the majority of the people you do business with (or whom you might be doing business with in the future), you will have cultivated a very positive association.

One of the great things about branded sweets as a promotional vehicle for your company is the fact that they are so universally accepted and appreciated. This means that most businesses will be appropriate for issuing branded sweets to clients and potential clients. The same cannot be said for some other kinds of promotional items such as coffee mugs, water bottles, etc. People receiving these types of gifts may have difficulty finding an immediate use for them, or even for transporting them back to their office, but no one has trouble figuring out what to do with chocolate or a branded mint.

Of course, branded sweets alone will not make sales with customers for you, but with a favorable association established, it is likely that they’ll at least be more receptive to your message. Using branded sweets may not be appropriate for all circumstances though, so it’s best to be a little bit selective about which occasions you use for your promotions, to maximize your chances for success. Below are described some of those situations where using branded sweets can be particularly useful.

Branded Sweets at Special Events for Charities

These kinds of events are double-barreled wins for your company when you offer free branded sweets to attendees. Not only does your company name get associated with a very positive community activity, but it literally leaves a good taste in the mouth of those in attendance as well. All that good feeling that’s generated at a charity event will become connected to your brand simply by positive association.

Corporate Goodie Bags

Whenever the occasion comes up for a good-sized corporate gathering, issuing goodie bags to employees in attendance can go a long way toward creating a positive vibe for your brand name with everyone there. This can be especially productive if you know in advance that there will be a lot of potential customers attending your event because you have the opportunity to make a strong first impression by providing them with something sweet and appealing.

Christmas Gifts

At holiday time, there are lots of occasions where corporate personnel and potential customers get together to celebrate the season and to review the business year. This is the perfect time for you to make an impression on people with a classy Christmas gift like a box of branded sweets, or a tin of sweets that people can take back with them to the office or home, and which has your company name on it as a constant reminder.

One of the best things about giving branded sweets for Christmas is that clients and potential clients have your company information right in front of them at holiday time, and even more importantly at the beginning of a calendar year. In January, businesses make a great many business decisions about purchases for the coming year, and with whom to do business. That makes it especially crucial to have some visibility for your company during this decision-making time of year.

Trade Fairs

These events are some of the best ways of drumming up new business with potential clients, and they’re also events where a lot of different companies are scrambling to impress attendees. You can stand out from the crowd at events like these by passing out great branded sweets along with your business card so that after you’ve made a good impression on someone with a tasty treat, they’ll have a chance to contact you with a built-in talking point as a conversation starter.

Reception Desk Treats

Nothing could be easier than placing an entire bowl of branded sweets somewhere near the reception desk in your company’s lobby area. Every day, there are countless vendors, customers, and company associates making their way past the reception desk and on into the inner sanctum of your company. But the first thing they’ll see is a sweet treat there at the reception desk welcoming them to your business, providing them with their first positive impression.


Conferences can be somewhat similar to trade events, in that usually a considerable number of businesses are represented at these gatherings. That means of course that you’ll have to do something extra special to gain more attention than all the other companies clamoring for the spotlight.

While everybody else is passing out pens and other handy little office items, you can set yourself apart from the rest by issuing company-branded sweets that attendees won’t even have to carry around with them. They can pop one of these in their mouth right on the spot, and at the same time that they’re enjoying the experience, they might be making a little mental note about what a great company you have.