Promote With Computer Accessories

USB Keys laid in a row, making great branded computer accessories.
Computer accessories are great items for promotion.

Computers are everywhere, in our homes, offices, you name it. You know this already. What you probably don’t know is how to use computer items to promote your non-tech business. Promotional items come in all kinds of varieties. However, most are either things that can be worn, played with, or come in handy. When it comes to that last category, a good promo product can become a standard household item. A reminder of your company that they’ll see every day. This is where using tech-centric items to promote your business plays into your advantage. Here are some ways to use computer accessories to promote your business.

Tech and Computer Accessories Are Everywhere

When it comes to computer-based products, think about how people will use these items. Functionality is essential when considering to go the tech route, especially if you have the typical businessperson in mind. A computer backpack or messenger bag is perfect when gearing your campaign towards professionals. We have a selection of stylish backpacks and bags to choose on our website.

Another useful item that’s not only professional is our media stand. They allow for easy positioning of a tablet or phone. This is great for when you want to show an online video to a group of friends. You won’t have everyone around someone holding a tablet, instead just place it on a flat surface and be comfortable.

The commonality of home and portable computers makes it a no-brainer to use promotional items that cater to tech. It’s not as if you don’t have a variety of options to choose from that will work as promo items. You can go the simple route and produce mousepads or a USB storage device with your company logo. Or you could go with a more niche item like a Webcam cover to stop big brother from watching. A webcam cover also works as a conversation starter for people who don’t understand the use of such an item.

Cleanliness Is the Way to Go

Keeping your devices clean should be a top priority for anyone. At NYPPCO, we have a ton of items to keep your precious electronics pristine. You could even build a whole promotional campaign only handing out tech-cleaning devices. Your logo could go across keyboard brushes, which are always useful in preventing gunk from building up between the keys.

Phone and tablet screens tend to get dirty easily. A nice, resourceful miniature microfiber cloth is pretty nifty when it comes to cleaning cluttered phone screens. Placing your company’s name on a microfiber will remind people of your business every time they wipe their screen. You could even go a little more creative and design a sweet emblem that will make your cloth really pop. Alternatively, you could go the high tech route and order one of our "Phoombas" and clean your screen hands-free.

Phone tools and accessories are great promotional items that engage with every demographic. This is, of course, the phone-age, where you can never have enough chargers. We have a plethora of super useful phone accessories. Such as 4-in-1 charger cables for all different phone types, and portable chargers which are becoming more popular by the day.

We hope this has given you some ideas on the variety of items you can use to market your business. Check out the rest of the computer accessories NYPPCO can offer to your company over on our website.