Our Favorite Promotional Merchandise at NYPPCO

Icon set of promotional merchandise and souvenirs.
What promotional merchandise do we love?

As you can imagine, we deal with a lot of weird and wonderful items at New York Promotional Products Company (NYPPCO). Some of them stick out more than others, whether it’s because of their obscurity or how popular they are amongst our clients. Dealing with promotional merchandise like this is what makes our job great.

It’s time to go through some of our favorite promotional merchandise and why professionals love to buy these items. These three items happen to be some of our best sellers and it’s no surprise why - they’re winners.

Promotional Merchandise Items: Ballpoint Pens

Let’s start with one of our most popular items, ballpoint pens. We love the variety of pens available at NYPPCO, from stylus to light-up pens. Pens are often considered the mascots of promotional items. Everybody wants one and everyone needs one. Sometimes there is nothing cooler than holding a pen with your company’s logo on it.

Promotional Merchandise Items: Tote Bags

The reason we love tote bags so much at NYPPCO is because they are always useful. These are perfect for trade shows and marketing events. People like to collect a lot of stuff at these places and are happy to grab a tote to carry everything. Totes also find use after trade shows and events are over, guaranteeing that customers will be exposed to your brand.

Promotional Merchandise Items: Cell Phone Accessories

In the digital age, cell phones are perhaps our most important tool. It connects us to clients, email messages, the internet, and so much more. Plus, all of the accessories we have available at NYPPCO’s store are some of the coolest items we have. What customer wouldn’t love a portable charging case, mobile wallet, or Bluetooth speaker?

Join us next week when we go through more of our favorite items. If you are interested making a custom product at NYPPCO, contact us. One of our consultants will help you with whatever you need.