NYPPCO: Your Embroidery Experts

Curved brim hats, which can have your logo on it with the help of our embroidery experts.
Need apparel options? Talk to our embroidery experts.

At NYPPCO, we focus on giving you the best apparel available. If you are going to have your logo and brand on top of any article of clothing, it certainly has to be the best. Not only that but it should be done to your specifications and liking. When you create branded apparel, your printing method, logo placement and size matter. It is the difference between a professional custom branded apparel and less desirable options. Our embroidery experts can help you choose from a variety of printing and embroidered options. The only limit is your imagination.

Clothing Made for Branding

We are very careful about the vendors and materials that we choose for our clients. We provide you with top quality apparel and make sure that your brand can be added without error. As a result, your logo looks seamless with the material it is printed or embroidered on. For example, many of our apparel items are pill-resistant. That means that they are built for long-term wear and they don’t form those unsightly balls of fabric that you see in normal fleece.

Custom Embroidery Options

Our embroidery options are vast and with us branded apparel has never looked better. With our full-service screen printing and embroidery service, you can choose from things like glitter and bling to eye-popping 3D embroidery. Another service we provide is direct-to-garment digital printing. This adds your logo to an article of clothing effortlessly and provides a clean, smooth look. We strive to create branded apparel with a clean, professional look.

Working With Our Embroidery Experts

You might be overwhelmed with the whole process of creating custom apparel. That’s okay because our experts are ready to be your guide. They can walk you through exactly which options we have available and what works best for your brand. Furthermore, they will help you figure out the right decorating method for right garment. All at an affordable price!

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NYYPCO has your back. It doesn’t matter if you want something loud and exciting or simple and professional. Our products were made for all types of business. We have clothing options from athletic wear to uniform items. You get to choose the colors, brand, and placement of your logo. All we care about is making sure that you are satisfied with your custom branded apparel.

If you are thinking about investing in branded apparel, you’re taking the right step towards building your brand. It’s not only a great marketing opportunity but it unifies your business and employees. NYPPCO has a large catalog of clothing items available, including caps, dress shirts, outerwear, sweatshirts and hoodies, t-shirts and more.

Call us at (844)-8-NYPPCO to speak with one of our embroidery experts. We can help you with all of your promotional needs.