More of Our Favorite Promotional Merchandise Items at NYPPCO

Stress relievers, one of many promotional merchandise items.
Some more promotional merchandise items that we love.

Last week, we discussed some of our favorite promotional merchandise items. That included pens, tote bags, and cell phone accessories. However, we are not done! There are plenty of other items that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Let’s walk you through the last three categories that we consider our favorite pieces of merchandise at New York Promotional Products Company (NYPPCO).

Promotional Merchandise Items: Tumblers

Tumblers make the perfect on-the-go item when you are on trips or making your way to work. They are great for drinking coffee, tea, or anything else on the move. In fact, it’s our most popular piece of drinkware. Clients love them and we can’t blame them. If you ever need the perfect tumbler for employees or the office, check out our catalog. Our products come in all different shapes and sizes.

Promotional Merchandise Items: Awards and Certificates

We love to celebrate, especially when it comes to our employees. Awards and certificates show our appreciation for the hard work that they put towards keeping our company thriving. We feel like every employer should order one of these awards to boost morale and congratulate employees on a job well done.

Promotional Merchandise Items: Stress Balls

Everyone needs to relieve a little stress every now and then. At NYPPCO, our stress relievers are not only right for the job, but they will put a smile on your face. They are some of the wackier items that we supply but they provide tons of fun. We have everything from smiley faces to brain-shaped stress balls. Pick the craziest one to stamp your logo on top of and we are sure your customers would love them as giveaway items.

Remember, NYPPCO has all of these items and more for purchase on our store, and if you want a detailed custom order, call us at (844)-8-NYPPCO to speak to one of our consultants.