Make Your Promotional Banner Stand Out

A promotional banner sold by New York Promotional Products Company.
What type of promotional banner are you using at trade shows and event?

A lot goes into promoting a business, especially a time where everyone has a website. There’s more than enough room for traditional means of promotion. When you decide to use a banner, the goal is to attract people to wherever that banner is. Here are some tips to make your promotional banner stand out, whether you’re at a trade show, or on the street.

Having an upright standing banner in front of your business’ doorstep is a welcomed addition. Use this display as a way to show your company’s culture before anyone even walks through the door. You can even use the banner as a way to make your storefront pop out.

Promotional Banner: Find the Right Match

Creating a stylish artsy banner, while eye-catching, should stay in line with your business’s image. Of course, aesthetics mean everything for your promotional banner. However, don’t create an aesthetic that doesn’t comply with the image of the company. This is misleading to the people you’re trying to attract. You wouldn’t put flowers on a mechanic shop banner. Nor would you have dark bold colors promoting a flower shop. Choosing an appropriate and attractive color palate takes time, and shouldn’t be rushed.

Different occasions call for specific banners. Trade shows offer a variety of use for banners. Think about the way you’ll use the company logo by considering the type of banner. If your using a table banner, simply displaying the company logo in the front works fine. Your table banner doesn’t have to be extremely eye-catching. However, throwing up the company or campaign slogan under the logo can add a little something extra.

Now if you’re using a large standing banner, you’ll want to be a bit more creative. Make sure that images on your banner are applied tastefully. Those images need to have a high pixel count. Nothing says unprofessional more than a choppy looking banner. Think of the size and width, and how you can use these large banners at your booth. A slim, tall banner would look better to the side, or on the front of your table. A wider banner will look better behind you and the table.

Using these banners together, while costly, can really draw attention to your tradeshow booth or any outside guerrilla marketing tactic.

People, Places, and Things

You have to think about the images, aside from your logo, that you’ll have on the banner. You want to make sure you’re getting the right message across to anyone looking at your banner. Having images of people or places on your banner cater to a particular idea. With people, your communicating to the customer that your business is customer focused. Showing a family and give your business a caring attitude.

Objects on your banner communicate something entirely different. It gives off the idea that you are selling a product. As opposed to having people, which give off the aura that you’re providing a service for sale. If your company is producing a product, then a standing banner should definitely have a picture of that product.

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