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Time is constant, it moves forever and never turns around. We spend most of our lives either spending time or trying to making it up. Keeping track of, or at least constantly looking at the time is a habit almost everybody has. We can’t help it when we’re at work to glance at the clock every now and again. Most have forgotten about clocks since our phones are pretty much watches we can use to call. That doesn’t mean using promo clocks is not a viable method to promote your brand.

At NYPPCO, we have clocks, clocks, and more clocks, we’re never running out of time. Now, you may ask yourself, "How much can you really do with a clock?" and to that, we say a lot. We have in our catalog numerous styles and molds for time keeping.

Time Is on Your Side

You can go the simple route with your time ticking promotional pursuit. We have subtle designs like our desk travel alarm clock with its clear color and broad face that can fit your logo. This item works great for promotion due to its compact size. A sleeker design we have is our Executive Travel Alarm Clock. This clock fits right into your pocket, has a bold dark color that screams seriousness. A perfect gift for an employee, or even for a raffle prize.

Do people still listen to the radio when there not in a car? We think so. That’s why we’ve supplied ourselves with the Jensen Digital Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio. This multi-purpose device works as a speaker, a clock, and a radio all in one. To top it all off it has a super sleek, compact design. But that’s not the only alarm clock radio in our inventory. The Sony Alarm Clock Radio has a nice, square design for your cube-enthusiasts. It also has a sweet back-lite LCD with jumbo LED. With this clock, you’ll always know the time, even in the dark.

Promo Clocks Can Have Style

Want to take your clock game to the next level? Then we have items in our inventory just for you. We have no shortage of elaborate clock designs. Our Desktop Steering Wheel clock is sure to liven up any mundane office desk. It comes in either a solid, sleek black or shiny bold platinum. It looks just like a steering wheel, but get this, it’s a clock. We also carry the Tire Clock, which, you guessed it, looks like a tire.

However, if your imagination takes to the skies, you may want to consider promoting your brand using our airplane clock. Yes, we have an airplane shaped clock, and not just molded after any airplane, we have a Wright Flyer. Designed similarly to the very same plane the Wright Family used to soar across the skies. The promotional possibilities for an item like this speak for itself.

Hopefully, you’ve had a great time learning about all the promo clocks we offer at NYPPCO. We have a wide assortment of other household items you may find make enjoyable promo merch. Check out our online store for our full catalog.