How to Plan a Successful Promotional Product Campaign

A web that shows the different aspects of branding, which are all components of a successful promotional product campaign.

Promotional products are the backbone of any marketing or branding campaign. No matter what services your company provides, promo products will help build brand recognition and awareness. While everyone has a different plan for their custom-printed merchandise, it’s always useful to brainstorm what aspect of your company your next promotional product campaign is trying to emphasize.

Tradeshows are always a great venue for gaining brand recognition. However, with so many promo products on display at these shows, you’ll want to choose memorable items that will stand out from the rest. At NYPPCO, we go above and beyond traditional promo products like pens and stress balls. From USB essential oil diffusers, to custom-printed fitness watches, you can choose from an array of creative promo items that are sure to stick.

For a successful promotional products campaign, you’ll also want your featured items to match your company’s image. While it’s nice to give out high-end custom-printed products, you need to make sure that this promo item will remind people of your company. Your featured products should also stay relevant and useful in the long run.

Getting the Most Out of Your Promotional Product Campaign

If choosing the right products to represent your brand was enough to ensure a successful promotional product campaign, you’d be all set. However, there’s more to consider. Choosing an opportune time to run your campaign is also crucial to its success.

Is there a holiday or other noteworthy event coming up? Using these details and performing research on how your product campaign can coincide with these occasions will allow for a deeper connection with your customers.

Determine the best strategy for your campaign. Ask yourself questions like, "How can these particular items demonstrate my unique company values?" The key to any successful business is keeping old clients happy and new clients interested in your product, and your campaign should speak to that. The more you keep this advice in mind, the better you will reach your target audience.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

As with any marketing campaign, it is important to define your audience. Studies show that 91% of people keep a promo product when it is useful for them. Choosing a product that is more practical and consistent with your brand value is better than choosing a product for its "cool" factor.

Generally, promo items for potential clients should have a cheaper price per item cost, since you’ll be able to reach a larger audience by producing a higher volume for distribution. For your established client base, you want your items to represent your appreciation for their business with you, so higher quality items are the way to go.

Image of possible promo items (bags, t-shirts, umbrellas, notebooks, mugs, etc.) that could all be featured in a promotional product campaign.
Choosing the right promo items for your promotional product campaign will make a memorable branding statement for your potential clients.

What Kind of Products Should I Choose for My Promo Product Campaign?

Which products you choose depends on which products will stick with your target audience, and what you want them to remember the most about your brand. How useful, attractive, and relevant the promo product is, will demonstrate these same factors about your company’s brand.

Your promo products say more about your company than what meets the eye. When presenting your products at a tradeshow, you need distinctive products that will draw customers to your company and draw them away from competition.

This means that all your products should carry a uniform promotional message and stay in line with the brand’s image. Colors, fonts, and logo styles should be consistent across the board so that your branding will be recognized and remembered by your target audience.

For example, if you are running a promotional product campaign for a children’s toothpaste, you’ll want to include products that bring out the fun and friendly aspects of brushing your teeth. Instead of reminding children of the fearsome environment of dentist’s offices, you could advertise with a toothbrush-shaped popsicle stick which reveals your logo as the frozen treat is consumed.

With a unique branding approach, your company will gain recognition among potential clients for being innovative and unique.

Let Your Customers Advertise for You

Building brand recognition doesn’t stop with smaller items like keychains and pens. Tried and true promotional staples like hoodies and drawstring backpacks are a great way for your brand to be seen by many others. Wearable promo items allow your customers to display your brand while they travel, kind of like a walking billboard. Since these products usually have large imprint areas, your brand can be more easily seen and recognized.

Brainstorming Your Next Promotional Product Campaign with NYPPCO

The purpose of promotional products is to forge a deep connection with customers, which creates a loyal client base. At NYPPCO, we always have creative promotional product solutions that make your company’s brand stand out. Check out our catalog for a huge selection of promo items that cater to any kind of business, and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives at (844) 869-7726.