How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

A 3-D model of a trade show booth, at a trade show.

Deciding to take part in a trade show can be an exciting decision. Tradeshows are an opportunity for your company to increase brand exposure. If you manage to get this opportunity right, you could quickly gain some new leads and new customers who want to do business with you. However, driving traffic to your trade show booth is an art, and we’re here to share some excellent tips on making your booth a more exciting space for potential customers who pass by.

Preparation Is Everything

Before the venue even begins, you should be spreading the news that your trade show booth will be at the event. Whether you’re advertising your booth directly to local customers or on social media, you can start by revealing that your business has an exciting announcement. This prep work before the event ensures that no one is missing out on visiting your booth just because they didn’t know about it. These promotional updates can point your followers in the direction, so they’ll be able to purchase tickets and ask relevant questions, thus increasing engagement with interested customers and potential clients.

Make sure that you reach out to local businesses and prospective partners before the event. Making sure the right people know about your trade show booth beforehand can draw significant amounts of targeted traffic.

An Attractive Trade Show Booth

Although this sounds fairly obvious, we’ve seen many boring booths in our time and not only does this prevent people from wanting to come over but it actively repels them. Along with your branding, you should have bright colors and even some props, cardboard cut-outs, conversation starters, and banners to grab the attention of prospective clients. Let’s not forget, many different booths will be battling for a moment of these potential clients’ time. As well as attracting the eye, you also need to add something unique that speaks to your business’ personality, something that sets you apart from the competition.

For us, we believe the best advice is to take a step back and think like a trade show attendee. What’s going to drive traffic to your booth any other one available? If you can answer this, you shouldn’t have a problem.

A single highlighted trade show booth at a trade show, 3-D model.
At a trade show, half of gaining a new customer or client is getting them to visit your trade show booth. That’s why promoting your booth beforehand, locally or on social media, can drive a significant amount of traffic to you.

Announce Incentives

Within your tweets and emails, informing your clients and prospectives of the location of your booth is a good start. However, if you’re looking for something more potent, give them an incentive to check out your business. For example, ’complimentary refreshments at booth #315’ and ’live demo and free samples at booth #117’ or ‘exclusive trade show starter package available’ are both good examples.

Utilize Technology

Speaking of Twitter, live-tweeting about your trade show booth can be useful for attracting more visitors. If you want even better results, go live on Facebook and let all your followers and visitors know what they’re missing at your booth. For those at home, they might just pick up tickets for another day (if the event takes place across multiple days). For those at the venue, you can use hashtags to make your trade show booth more searchable and prominent. Furthermore, you could also look to other social media platforms to promote your trade show presence.

Be Clever

By this, we mean ’think outside of the box.’ If you want to drive traffic to your booth, what can you do differently? Have you asked the event creators whether you can put a sign somewhere near the entrance? Can you create small arrow signs with your logo pointing people in the right direction? Can you use a large inflatable figure that visitors can see regardless of where they are at the venue? Can you put stickers on the floor pointing to your booth?

Be the WiFi Hotspot

Regardless of where we are in the world, we always seem to want one thing nowadays: an internet connection. One of the best things you can do as a trade show booth is to become ’the booth with free Wi-Fi.’ Answering the calls of all visitors, if they’re heading to your booth to use WiFi it also makes sense they’ll pay attention while they’re there.

All these tips are fantastic for driving traffic to your trade show booth. If you’re kind, helpful, and not too pushy, you’ll also be able to bring in extra traffic to your booth by sheer word-of-mouth!