How to Build Your Business’ Image With Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly stamp.
NYPPCO’s eco-friendly products help keep the environment safe.

We’ve discussed before how promotional items can say a lot about your company and its culture. It’s important to understand why you are choosing these items to promote your business. Building a marketing plan around an eco-friendly mindset is a unique opportunity to specialize promotional products.

Having environmentally safe promotional items says something about how your business feels about the world. It show’s a socially conscious initiative that can potentially garner interest from a wider audience. When deciding to go eco-friendly with your promotional products, consider all the options you have.

The Everyday Eco-Friendly Items

For a business-centric or student-based marketing campaign, an investment in recycled office goods may be a good idea. Great promo items such as note pads, portfolios, and even pens are made all the better when made eco-friendly. One recycled-made item that we have allows for a lot of creativity. With our square hand fans, you can print your logo or a custom message and have the fan act as a portable mini billboard.

People love promotional bags and carry-ons. You could never go wrong with a stylish and convenient tote bag, but don’t limit yourself to just tote’s. Cotton-made drawstring backpacks are another great promotional carry-on that proves just as likable and usable to consumers.

Staying clean and keeping your skin well motorized is a top priority for just about anybody. Knowing this, you could try using naturally manufactured lotions and hand soaps to promote your business. You could also have company branded shampoo and conditioner. Having your logo on items like these keeps your company in the recipient’s mind every time they to their bathroom.

Biodegradable and Organic are the Way to Go

There are a lot of interesting aspects of organic and biodegradable promotional items. Many of these types of items have secondary applications that make them more memorable than other promo items. For example, the Sprout Pencil, a pencil that doesn’t have an eraser at the end. Instead, the end of the sprout pencil holds a seed that can be planted. Or, you could forgo the pencil and give out small garden planters wrapped in your logo. These small planting pots go straight into the soil and are easy to use for green-earthers without a green thumb.

In recent years, there has been a focus to remove BPA from anything storing food or water. BPA, which is short for bisphenol, is a chemical used in the production of plastics. Some have issues with the safety of food or liquid stored in BPA products. Concerns over BPA seeping into the food that it’s containing, and the harmful side effect of BPA exposure to the body. Luckily, we at NYPPCO have a large selection of BPA-free bottles and containers.

An environmentally friendly approach to your company is not just some gimmick. In our everyday lives, we should consider the effects of our actions on the planet. Opting to use biodegradable, or organic items send the message to consumers that your business cares about its ecological footprint. At NYPPCO, we have a wide variety of eco-friendly items for you and your business.