How You Can Use Custom Promotional Products

A trade show where companies can show off their custom promotional products.
How are you using your custom promotional products?

We have sung the praises of custom promotional products before. They are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. The benefits are numerous and your business will finally receive the visibility it deserves. The real trick to seeing these benefits come to fruition is using them effectively.

We understand that some business owners may be stumped when it comes to actually using promotional products. It doesn’t require that you be a genius marketing guru, just a little know-how. Let us walk you through all the different ways to use custom promotional products to bring in more customers and sales.

Use Custom Promotional Products as an Ice Breaker

You can think of promotional products as the new business card, except with a little more flair. It serves as an ice breaker between you and the people you want to sell to. When you approach new clients, a truly eye-catching promotional item will definitely leave an impression. Have a creative one on hand to give out to people when you meet them. Remember, the best items to give away are the products that people can use. It can also get them to talk to you and find out what your business is about.

Give Items Out at Trade Show

Promotional items are more traditionally used at trade shows and events. Once you set up a booth and lay out your products, your start to attract the attention of other business. Give these items out for free and people will take them. This is a great way to market to people in the corporate world that you want to collaborate with. Another plus is that people carry these items around with them while they navigate the trade show floor. This means that others who have not had the chance to pass your booth will learn about your business.

Use them as Props for Commercials and Campaigns

We know that all businesses have other forms of marketing available to them (websites, video campaigns, etc.). Did you know that custom promotional products can help aid those marketing efforts? In fact, adding a promotional product to your other media projects improves its effectiveness up to 44 percent.

There are a few ways to use these items in conjunction with other media. For example, you can use the items as set dressing for your next commercial. Another way to mix it into other media is to make it a giveaway item as a part of a social media campaign. Creative integration of promo products will keep your campaigns in the minds of consumers for a long time, and at a low cost.

Finding the Right Products for You

If you need help developing a custom promotional product, then contact us at NYPPCO. When you visit our online store, you’ll see a catalog of amazing items. All of these are at your disposal, and if you want something a little more customized, call us. Our consultants will work for with you to find the right product for your business.