How Promotional Products Help Business

One of the oldest and best strategies for gaining the attention of a great many people for your business is with promotional products. Whether you’re just a small startup company or a huge corporation, using promotional products is a great strategy for boosting your business by reaching a great number of people. It’s also a very budget-friendly way of promoting your company, so when you’re trying to come up with a great new marketing strategy for that upcoming campaign, make sure to include promotional products as one part of your overall campaign.

The Statistics Supporting Promotional Products

Almost 85% of people who receive a promotional product take their business to the company which issued the product to them, when they actually have need of that company’s services or products. It’s also known that after having received a promotional product, almost 90% of people remember the advertising company for as long as two years afterward.

Promotional products are so prevalent that at any given moment in time, eight people out of 10 are in possession of at least one promotional product, and some people have as many as 10. Of those people who receive promotional products, six out of 10 keep them for as long as two years or more, and three out of every 10 people owns a promotional bag.

If this isn’t enough to convince you of the prevalence of promotional items and the loyalty that they trigger in the people receiving them, there are even more statistics to point out the importance of promotional products.

More Statistics on Promotional Products

Among those people who don’t particularly have a need for a specific promotional product they are given, 63% of them will give the product away to a friend or someone else, rather than simply throwing it out. A recent study tells us that 94% of all consumers can remember where it was that they were given a printed giveaway as a gift.

The same study also revealed that as many as 83% of all people who receive promotional products enjoy having a promotional message attached with them. Also, in the same study, 58% of the people who participated in the study claimed that they kept the promotional items for somewhere between one and four years.

People Enjoy Being Given Free Materials

In the study mentioned above, it was discovered that almost 90% of the people who were given a promotional product could remember the name of the company which gave it to them as many as two years after having received the item. It is also known that promotional items generate five times more referrals from people who are pleased to have been given the promotional gifts in the first place.

All these numbers point up one very important message about promotional items - that people love getting free materials, and that they remember the brand which provided them with the free materials for quite a while after the actual event.

Why Companies use Promotional Products

For most businesses, it’s simply not cost-effective to have huge marketing campaigns which are carried on all the major news media outlets, for instance the Internet, newspapers, TV, billboards, and radio. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop an effective marketing campaign which can reach almost the same numbers of people.

It is possible to develop an effective marketing campaign which is low cost but has a very high payoff, based solely on the giving away of promotional items. The manufacturers of promotional items intentionally keep prices low on all these items, understanding that the more products which are given away by a company, the greater will be the return to the company. It’s also true that the more promotional products which are bought, the cheaper is the overall cost.

Even though the cost itself is very affordable, the impact it can have on your ability to reach clients is enormous. Some research has shown that there are certain promotional items that are time-honored classics which are just very well received by people in general, such as mugs which feature a promotional message and the company brand name.

Almost 6 out of every 10 people who receive a mug with the company name and promotional message can recall the name of the company. By contrast, just think about the last time you were watching television and saw advertisements in between segments of the show you were watching - can you remember any of those advertisers, even 10 or 15 minutes later? This very fact is what makes promotional items such a powerful giveaway for companies, because the recipients do remember the company which gave them the item.

Instant Boost in Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is everything today with competition being fierce in all markets, and that’s why you need people to recognize your company, and have a good recall for just what it is that your company provides in the way of services and products. By providing a great many recipients with some promotional items that has your company logo and the products or services associated together, you’ll be generating instant brand recognition for those products and services.

Every time you give away a gift to your potential clients, it will help them to remember exactly what your products and services are, and what your company name is. What’s even more important is that this information stays with the recipient of your promotional item, in many cases for up to two years. What more could a marketing and advertising guru want than to have the company brand recognized and associated with company products and services for a long period of time?