How Promotional Mugs Help Your Business

If you’re thinking of using promotional products as a way of increasing brand recognition for your company and possibly boosting revenues, there are a lot of options which you can consider. However, one of the best possible options is a coffee mug, because of its permanence and the value associated with a good coffee cup.

Virtually everyone has a morning cup of coffee or tea to help start their day and to break that morning fog, so that you’re ready to face the day. What better way could you promote your company than to put coffee mugs in the hands of a vast number of people?

In a recent study conducted on the subject, it was found that more than 57% of people could recall a promotional brand on their coffee mug, but the same people could only remember radio brands at a rate of 32%, and television brands at a rate of 28%.

That should tell you everything you need to know about what is most effective in having people recall your company name, along with a message which might be printed on the coffee mug. Below are listed some of the other important reasons why putting coffee mugs in the hands of a huge number of potential customers can be an enormous benefit to your company.


Practically everyone needs a coffee mug, and there are probably very few adults in this country who don’t own at least a single coffee mug. You might decide on using promotional T-shirts or possibly baseball caps to bring some brand recognition to your company, but these items will run the risk of being tossed aside or not worn.

However, since everyone needs a coffee mug or something to put their hot chocolate in every day, you can be fairly sure that the mug you distribute will get some usage, and that it will be seen and remembered by the people they’re distributed to. Mugs are household essential items which are needed by virtually everyone, and very few people will simply toss aside a mug without using it.


Mugs will last for decades without wearing away, and they are virtually indestructible unless someone drops one, and has it shattered. Just about everyone keeps coffee mugs in their cupboard for years at a time, and will only eventually get rid of it if they have purchased a better one, or one which is more to their liking.

Because a coffee mug gets the job done, it’s always needed around the household. If you can print your company logo and a promotional message on a large number of these mugs and have them distributed to people in the community, that is a marketing strategy which will last for years. There are very few marketing tactics which can entail that kind of longevity, continuing to remind people of your company logo and promotional message for as many as five or 10 years out into the future.


Whenever someone drinks out of a coffee mug, it’s necessary to bring the mug up to the mouth in order to take a sip of whatever’s in the mug. When the mug reaches eye level, the user will unconsciously be reading the message printed on the side of the cup, or will it be gazing at the promotional logo which is printed there.

Unlike carrying a promotional bag which just hangs at your side and which you don’t generally take a look at until you’re unloading it, you are forced to look at a coffee mug and whatever’s printed on it, every time you bring it up to your mouth to take a sip. Because of this kind of proximity factor, where mugs get right up into your vision multiple times during the drinking of a beverage, it simply becomes impossible to ignore whatever message is carried on the sides.


It is known that approximately 83% of all adults drink coffee in the morning, not including those who might prefer tea. This means that coffee mugs must be used by most adults, and they have to be used quite frequently as well.

Given this fact, it’s easy to see why nearly 60% of all adults who own promotional coffee mugs are able to recall the logo and/or message printed on them. There are very few things which could be used by an adult in their daily routine which are more practical, and more urgently needed than coffee mugs in the morning.


A great many people who have plenty of coffee mugs at home, and who don’t really have the cupboard space for them, will simply take their new promotional coffee mug to work with them, so they can enjoy it while they work. You might also take your printed mug with you on a camping trip or on a vacation, where you’ll definitely find a use for it every morning.

Every time you take your coffee mug to a new location, you’re bringing it into contact with a number of other people who will see what’s printed on the sides, and will become aware of the company which has sponsored the mug.

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising campaigns which have notoriously short shelf lives, the promotional coffee mug can literally go on forever. It is known that in the US today at least eight out of 10 people have some kind of promotional product in their homes, and for a company which really would like to get its name recognized for long periods of time, there simply is no better vehicle than a promotional coffee mug.