How Custom Power Banks can be Used to Promote Your Business

One of a company’s custom power banks charges a mobile device.
Custom power banks have become increasingly popular with the increasing use of mobile devices, and they are ready to help you take your brand on the road.

With the tremendous growth in the market of mobile tech solutions, custom power banks to keep all these devices charged is a no-brainer. We have reached the point where the number of mobile phone subscribers throughout the world is roughly equivalent to the number of people in the world. While not everyone owns a mobile phone, it can be said with certainty that the vast majority of people around the globe do own one. What’s even more astonishing than these figures is that the entire phenomenon has happened within the last two decades.

This means that more than 7 billion people around the world have been impacted by smartphones as well as other mobile devices which have come into widespread usage. Because so many people have been touched by this trend, and because smartphones and mobile devices have become so extraordinarily popular, there’s also a tremendous need for power banks to keep all these devices charged up and functioning.

As a business person, you should be aware of the opportunity that something like this presents, especially if you’re marketing and advertising department is one which normally pays close attention to trends. By purchasing custom power banks and distributing them to large numbers of people, you can increase brand awareness of your company, and convey any kind of marketing message that you want to an incredible number of people.

The only limitation to the number of people which might use these custom power banks will be your ability to put the power banks in the hands of those users and potential customers.

Who Uses Custom Power Banks?

Everyone depends on their mobile devices, especially smartphones, for communication in the modern era. People use their phones for online searches, for finding the nearest pizza shop, for locating an auto repair shop, taking photos, staying connected via social media, and for a thousand other things that make smartphones indispensable.

Most people would simply be lost and completely distraught if they didn’t have the use of their mobile phones for as long as a day. Since people are so dependent on their smartphones for so many aspects of their social lives, that means they need to stay charged at all times, so that all these functions can be carried out.

Depending on the kind of smartphone you have, almost every mobile phone will need charging at least once a day or possibly more than that. Especially when you’re on the move, it can be very important to have a power pack with you in order to keep that all-important smartphone in operation.

The great thing about using custom power banks to promote your company is that they will quickly become an essential part of the lives of anyone who owns them, and all that will reflect very favorably on your company and its brand.

A business team member uses a fully charged mobile device thanks to one of his custom power banks.
Custom power banks allow your personnel to stay productive when they are away from the office while also providing a visible brand impression.

Which People Would Find Custom Power Banks Especially Useful?

In actuality, virtually anyone who carries a smartphone along with them every day would be a good candidate for having a custom power bank to keep it charged. However, there are certain types of business professionals who would find it even more critical, because, in addition to staying socially connected and other personal uses, they also depend on their smartphones for conducting some aspects of business such as talking to clients, finding directions while traveling, and even making sales calls.

As a matter fact, salespeople are probably one group of professionals who would find a power bank more useful than many others. Since salespeople are often on the go and conducting business away from the office, their smartphones are literally a business lifeline which keeps them in the game. If you get your custom power bank in the hands of a number of salespeople, you’ll find that everyone they come into contact with receives constant exposure to your company and its branding message.

Another group of people which would benefit greatly by having a custom power bank are those people who work outside routinely, for instance, construction personnel, utility workers, and anyone who spends a majority of their workday away from an office or cubicle. These people typically spend a lot of time away from an office or powerpoint where they might be able to get their phones and mobile devices charged up. Since they’re outdoors, a power bank makes a more practical and convenient substitution for office power points. Since custom power banks are also very compact and easy to carry along, they provide the perfect solution for charging of mobile devices when other power sources are simply not available.

People working in the I.T. sector are also great candidates for carrying custom power banks because many I.T. people conduct their entire workdays via mobile devices, which would call for recharging at various points throughout the day. Either your own I.T. personnel would be great advocates for carrying power banks and exposing people they contact to your company name, or other companies’ I.T. personnel would be just as valuable as walking advocates for your company branding.

Keep the World Charged and Aware of Your Brand

You can do the world a favor by helping everyone keep their mobile devices charged and functioning, to carry out their business interests as well as the social aspects of their lives. Even more important to your business though, you can have a tremendous number of people exposed to your brand name, and to any advertising initiatives you want to carry out, by putting custom power banks in the hands of as many people as possible.