How Charities can Benefit from Promotional Products

Most people who run charities and nonprofit organizations are well aware of the fact that generating money is the biggest headache they face. Even when there are plenty of people willing to donate to your organization, it’s still usually a struggle trying to come up with the cash needed to run things on a daily basis.

Even a good marketing strategy may not be enough to keep revenue coming in, and when you find yourself faced with constant shortfalls, it’s time to think outside the box a little. One of the best ways of improving your marketing strategy, and increasing incoming revenues, is by including promotional products in your overall strategy. Here are some ways that promotional products will add a definite boost to your income.

Building Brand Awareness

Obviously, awareness of your cause is essential if you’re going to generate any kind of income for it. That means you have to reach as many people as possible, and one of the ways you can do that is through using promotional products. One of the key components of getting exposure for your cause is making sure that it has a repetitive nature and is not just a one-time thing like a television ad. That’s exactly the kind of exposure you’ll get through using promotional products, since it is known that the average person will keep a useful promotional product for as much as two years.

Raising Additional Income

With money being tight at your nonprofit organization or charity, every time you invest money, you need to see some kind of worthwhile return, and that’s just what you’ll get with promotional products. Some organizations will send sell branded merchandise on an online basis, and even basic promotional products will often sell like wildfire, because people are more inclined to help a charity.

For many people, buying promotional items such as these branded merchandise items makes them feel as though they have contributed to a worthy cause, and done something worthwhile. It’s a good feeling for them and it’s a win situation for you.

Reach a Bigger Audience

Every time you put a promotional item of yours into the hands of a participant, you turn them into a goodwill ambassador for your organization, as well as a walking advertisement for your cause. If you give out hundred T-shirts with your branded information printed on them, on any given day you might only get 10 or 15 people who wear those T-shirts.

However, everywhere those people go, they will become an advertisement for your cause, with everyone they come into contact with, noticing the shirt and your charity information. That kind of exposure would normally cost you a ton of money.

Encourage Donations

You can encourage donations by giving away promotional products, because most people whom you provide with the promotional items will feel a sense of obligation, and will want to contribute to your cause in some way.

People feel naturally grateful when given some kind of gift, and very often feel like they should give something back in return. You may not get a donation from every single person that you hand out a promotional product to, but you will probably get something from a majority of them.

Affordability of Promotional Products

When it comes to pricing of promotional products, you really can’t beat the cost, especially when compared to what you’re getting in return. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the most cost-effective way of getting your cause promoted and getting your brand name out into the public is by putting promotional items in their hands.

The cost of a television ad is something like five times more than the cost of having even a modest promotional product made for your charitable organization. The same is true of virtually any other marketing tactic that you might use - they all cost more than having promotional products made, and very few of them can get you the kind of exposure that you want for your cause.

Expand Your Communications

Promotional products can also be used to disseminate a great deal more information about your cause, and about your brand. Since most people tend to hold onto promotional items they are given, you will be able to explain your cause in more detail, and actually have information about your cause be read by recipients of the items.

There is always a limited amount of time available for you to get your message across to potential donors, and that’s true whether you use online means to get the word out, or you’re out on the street doing your best to broadcast the word.

Most people have very short attention spans, and that means you have to get as much information to them about your charitable organization as possible, in the shortest time frame. Usually that means that you don’t get to deliver all the information about your cause that you would like to, and you can’t even highlight some of the most important details about your cause.

This is another strong point about promotional products, i.e. you can include a lot of extra information on them, and mention details that have to be left out when you’re trying to deliver a concise message to the public.

While these are all valid reasons for you to use promotional products to get the word out about your charitable cause or your non-profit organization, there are even more reasons you should be using promotional items in your marketing strategy.

You can simply use them to build goodwill among community members, or you can just use them to show your gratitude to donors for contributions they’ve already made. However you want to use them, it should be clear that using promotional items is a winning formula for your charitable cause, and at the very least, they will encourage your donors to be more generous than they might have been otherwise.