Household Tools That Make Great Promo Items

Gardening items which make great household tools.
Use household tools in your next marketing campaign.

When creating a marketing campaign, the first thing that comes to mind is whom will this campaign be directed at. This means every aspect needs to have the consumer in mind, including the use of any promotional products. What separates good promo products from great ones is how the user relates to the item. Adding to the value of your promo product is a necessity for making an impact on the consumer. This is why using household tools as a promotional item is a common practice.

What separates NYPPCO from other promo item distributors, is the level of quality in our houseware products. Here are some of the great homeware products we offer.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Take for instance our Bamboo Spoon. It appeals to a wide range of audiences. Features like a hanging hole, coupled with its heat and bacteria resistance make this a product someone would actually want. We also have a Bamboo Cutting Board that comes in two sizes.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in our catalog of useful household kitchen products. Another neat promo item that will surely be useful to many a consumer is our Kuzil Can Strainer. Because everybody hates losing just that little bit of canned food to trash or sink.

Household Tools Don’t Stop at the Kitchen

Household Promotional products don’t have to start and end in the kitchen. Most, if not all people care about the front view look of their home. Catering to this can lead to exceptional promotional products people will actually use. So, let’s take some focus away from the kitchen, and into the garden.

We have a catalog of stretchable water hose ranging from 25 ft to 75. You could place your company name or logo on the nozzle of the hose. Reminding the consumer of your brand every time they water the garden. Our catalog extends to a variety of very useful garden tools. We have hedge trimmers, anvil loppers, swiveling shears, basically any and everything you need to keep a pristine garden.

We also have a huge quantity of hand tools for those with a greener thumb than most. Promote your brand with our top tier garden tools like our spade flower shovel. Or maybe our garden rake. You could go all the way and order one of our many varieties of garden tool kits. That way you could promote on the induvial items and on the bag, itself.

Want to take an opportunity to host a contest with a great gardening product? We have something a little high-end you might enjoy. Our robotic lawn mower is a state of the art machine with razor-sharp blades that will keep any grass a cut above the rest. All while the homeowner sits back and enjoys a nice lemonade or an iced macchiato.

The value of your promo items can be determined by how often the consumer uses that product. Now that you have a better understanding of these elements browse NYPPCO’s huge inventory of stellar household tools.