Health and Wellness Promo Products for Your Practice

The right health and wellness promo products for your practices, like personalized pill boxes, can shape the way patients feel about visiting the doctor’s office.
Health and wellness promo products can change how patients feel about visiting the doctor’s office.

Most people might think that medical practices don’t need promotional products, since visiting the doctor’s office is a necessity. The right promo items can help attract new patients and change your existing patients’ attitudes about attending their appointments.The doctor’s office is a place people tend to avoid, associating it with cold, sterile environments and painful procedures. Promotional products can help re-shape the image of your practice, reminding your patients that every visit is an investment in their personal health and wellness.

Stay Healthy With Hand Sanitizer

At first glance, hand sanitizers add to the sterile, clinical feeling of medical offices. In actuality, they are incredibly useful year-round. Maintaining hand hygiene makes a difference for everyone. In particular, families with children who visit your practice will appreciate having hand sanitizer available. They are indispensable, especially for picnics, amusement park trips, or other family gatherings. Anyone who is looking to keep germ-free while on the go will appreciate this item.

Lip Balms and SPF 30 Sunscreen Sticks

In the spirit of transforming your practice’s image from clinical to personal wellness-oriented, lip balms are the way to go. Especially in the winter seasons, chapped lips can become an issue. Part of a useful promo products’ function is to cater to your daily needs. Showing that you care about providing your patients with seasonal health essentials will make them think of you the next time they schedule their annual check-up.

One of the leading health concerns in the U.S. is sunscreen use. With NYPPCO’s handy sunscreen sticks, you can show your patients that you care about their skin health. People always welcome necessities like sunscreen. Especially with the litany of sun protection campaigns on television, your patients probably already understand the dangers of overexposure. By providing them with your practice’s own sunscreen sticks, you are making their family vacation or beach outing safer and more convenient.

Taking Medication Should Never Be a Chore

The goal of our promotional products is to keep your practice in the hearts and minds of your patients. Many people who take medication are often on-the-go, meaning that they can’t be bothered with multiple bulky treatment accessories. Our compact pill boxes come with a handy cutter that makes taking the correct dosage of medication a breeze.

Active Patients Are Happy Patients

Maintaining a healthy body mostly takes place outside of the doctor’s office. A healthy diet and daily exercise are all part of keeping in shape. Physicians are mostly there to check in on patients’ health from time to time.

Many people are interested in keeping track of their physical activity, as well as recording doctor-prescribed fitness goals. At NYPPCO, we share that interest. To help your patients stay happy and in shape, we can supply your practice with fitness trackers emblazoned with your logo.

Fitness gear is an original take on medical promo products that update tried-and-true items like stress balls and pens. Even if a patient walks into your office for a one-time visit, you want it to be memorable. Good promo items may even help your practice acquire new patients.

Tritan Infuser/Mixer Water Bottles

Drinking plenty of water is an important part health and wellness. Why not provide your patrons with a water bottle that has a useful mixer compartment? Some of your patients may take powder supplements; this mixer/infuser bottle makes drinking nutritious beverages effortless.

Even better, you can also fill the mixer compartment with fresh fruits and drink mixes. The bottle is made out of high-quality Eastman TritanTM, meaning you’ll be providing your patients with a long-lasting promo product they’ll use for years to come. We also carry insulated water bottles and sports shakers which all be personalized with your logo.

Health and Wellness Are in Style

At NYPPCO, we are dedicated to providing your medical office with outstanding promotional products. Set yourself apart from other practices with useful and original promo items. Like your practice, our products are extremely specialized: they can be customized in a variety of colors and many offer options for choosing where your logo appears on the items.

Check out our catalog of Health and Wellness products, all of which can be personalized with your medical branding. Our promo products ensure that your patients will feel like you are taking care of them even when they are not in the doctor’s office.

With NYPPCO, your brand and our products work together in perfect harmony to make the doctor’s office part of a fulfilling healthcare experience.