Health-Related Products for the Office

Health-Related Products: First Aid Kit

One of the fastest growing areas for promotional items is health and health-related products. In line with the sweeping national fascination over all things related to wellness and good health, promotional health items are becoming much more popular as a giveaway item.

Unlike other promotional items though, a little extra thought might be required to figure out how to use health-related products to your advantage. The simple part is figuring out what you want to promote on your giveaway items, e.g., the company name, logo, or other significant information like your website.

The tricky part is figuring out what kind of promotional health-related product you need so that your target audience will see it at locations they can be expected to frequent. You may even want to identify those settings where your customers or potential customers are going to be before you think about which specific promotional health item you’re going to use.

One location that should be right at the top of your list is the office workplace. If you can reach a good number of office workers with your promotional health-related product, you stand a pretty good chance of drawing a lot of attention to your business, as well as the products or services which you provide to customers.

Combining a useful workplace promotional item with a strong healthcare theme would give you a wide variety of promotional items to choose from, while at the same time providing a handy product that contributes to the well-being of many office workers.

First Aid Kits

Either local or federal regulations mandate that every workplace in the country have first aid kits on the premises and that they be fully equipped to handle any office mishaps that might arise. Because they need to be found very quickly in an emergency, offices have to make sure to place first aid kits in a very high-profile, easily visible location where anyone can see it. Setting your company logo or brand name on first aid kits that get distributed widely among local workplaces, you guarantee yourself excellent visibility and name recognition with a large number of people.

In addition to office buildings, there are literally tons of other businesses which are required to maintain well-stocked first aid kits just as offices are. Restaurants and retail outlets, for instance, will also have the same kind of need for emergency medical treatment as an office setting would. The truth is, there are virtually limitless applications for having a first aid kit put in place with your company name and logo on it so that you at least have the potential to reach every other business in the community.

Pill Reminder Containers

While perhaps not everyone needs to take some medication, it’s a safe bet that the average person probably does at least take vitamins or herbal supplements on any given day, and chances are, there is at least one other prescription drug that most adults have to take on a daily basis.

This being so, pill reminder containers are often used to help establish and maintain a daily routine, to avoid forgetting about crucial medications that have to be taken. Since they’re so popular and necessary, weekly pill reminder containers are a perfect choice for a health-related product to carry your company name and logo.

If you happen to be in the healthcare business, these handy little pillboxes are perfect for calling attention to a person’s medication program, as well as to the company name and brand which provided the pillbox in the first place.

In fact, many healthcare organizations and many doctors, dentists, and medical professionals have chosen to give out weekly pill reminders, because they serve a double purpose. Patients are reminded to take their drugs every day, and the doctor or pharmacist providing the pill reminder gets some priceless advertising and promotional visibility.

Hand Wipes

Hand wipes can be stationed on virtually anyone’s desk, but they are probably more visible at a reception desk, in the lobby of a healthcare facility, or in any other office building. Almost everyone who passes by a container holding tissues or hand wipes will notice the bottle and the company name on it, while also pulling a wipe or tissue out of the container for usage.

While this strategy can be used in almost any setting, it is particularly useful in a location or a business which involves childcare of any type. Children are notorious for needing lots of tissues or wipes to clean up runny noses, for wiping off dirty hands, and for cleaning up messy faces. Other great ideas for containers with hand wipes and tissues are barber shops, beauty salons, and massage parlors, all of which will be populated by customers who have many opportunities to notice the containers imprinted with your company name and logo.