Great Summer Promo Items

Barbecue tools set on brown plank wood, which make great summer promo items.
Your next summer marketing campaign could use these summer promo items.

Summer is a great season for promotional endeavors. For instance, guerrilla and outdoor marketing work better during warmer times of the year. Particularly in metropolitan areas where even more people are outside than usual. Your business can benefit from effective planning towards the season. We are here to help give you some insights on great summer promo items.

Giving out promotional items is easy if you don’t care. Just slapping your companies name and logo is all fun and good. However, if you’re really trying to make an impression, you need to think more about the consumer. Take everything into consideration. We firmly believe a little thought goes a long way.

Get into the mindset of summer. Think about what summer means to people. For children, teenagers, and college students it means a break from the classroom. Most young and older adults look forward to a hotter, more uncomfortable commute. For most, summer is a time for the outdoors. At NYPPCO, we offer tons of outdoor activity related promotional products.

Name a Better Duo Than Summer and BBQ’s

Barbecues and summer are pretty much synonymous with each other. Finding a way to market promotional material that caters to the idea of summer fun is no easy task. Luckily, we have a catalog of promotional products that do just that. You could have your company logo slapped across our biodegradable meat claws, grill brushes, and coolers.

We also have multiple assortments of BBQ bag sets, each with their own unique aesthetic. Our kits also come with everything you need, barbecue’s meat knives, grill scraper, you name it. However, maybe you’re not keen on promoting your business with knives but still want a barbecue theme for your campaign. No problem, we also have a full-sized mini BBQ set. This set comes with a mini portable grill and an ice bag. It’s perfect for street marketing tactics as a participation prize.

We’re Fans of Being Cool With Summer Promo Items

Summer is here, and that means heat, heat, and more heat, and NYPPCO has just the solution. We have a huge assortment of fans to cool off potential customers for your company. Our square hand fan gives a pretty sizeable surface to get creative. The square panel allows for detailed artwork with enough space to add on things like contact information. We also have a round foldable nylon fan that, while not as customizable as our square hand, is incredibly resourceful.

If you’re not into manual hand fans, we have a variety of handheld propellers that will relieve the heat. Our personal mini fan’s fit right into your pocket and comes in a variety of colors and styles. The Brise retractable mini fan even tilts at an angle for more directional influence on your breeze. You could even go all out in the flashy department and get our LED message fan. This cool little gadget shows a bright message displayed across the spinning blades every time it’s in use.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to consider the unique promotional opportunities the summer season gives you. Browse our catalog of summer promo items and see how you can creatively attract people to your company.