Great Promo Products for Your Gym Facility

A woman drinking from a sports bottle, which makes great promo products.
There are several great promo products for your gym facility.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, a promo product can expand the marketing efforts of your brand. At NYPPCO, we love this kind of versatility, as well as being able to work with a wide variety of businesses. For every company, no two promo products are the same and some work better than others. To give you a better idea of finding the right item, let’s take a look at one type of business in particular - gym facilities.

Promotional items are a great way to market your gym facility. What most people don’t understand is that gyms are more than a place where you just work out. Gyms are like a home for some. It’s a place that many people are familiar with. In fact, some people even feel guilty coming back to a gym after missing a few weeks!

For a gym facility, you have the opportunity to sell promo products to your gym members and promote your business at the same time. Your members would be glad to buy products from you and spread the word about where they work out. Let’s take a look at some of the products that work best.


Everyone needs gear to work out in. Why not buy some from your favorite gym? Sportswear comes in all shapes and sizes. You can sell everything from shell jackets and sweatpants to training tees and shorts. These items work even better if you embroider your logo and brand name onto them. Your gym member will feel like a part of the team wearing one while pumping iron.

Water Bottles

A water bottle is an essential tool to have at the gym. Everyone working a sweat will find a use for one. These are a pretty basic item that you can use to give out or sell at your gym facility. At NYPPCO, you can have quality water bottles with your brand and logo on it. Several come in multiple variations from sports shakers to insulated stainless steel bottles.

Activity Trackers

Sport’s watches and trackers are the newest trends in fitness. People love to track their progress by seeing how far they’ve run and how many calories they are burning. You can capitalize on this trend by having activity trackers with your name on the front of it. Your member will surely appreciate having these tools readily available.

Workout Equipment

A lot of these promo products work best for new gym members, who are navigating the gym and figuring out what they need to get the most out of their workout experience. With that in mind, you should brand necessary gym equipment to sell, including:

  • Yoga Mats
  • Gym Bags
  • Towels
  • Jump Ropes
  • Sweat Bands
  • Resistance Bands

Promo Products With NYPPCO

NYPPCO has everything sports related for all your marketing needs. Check out our catalog of sports and outdoor items and find out which products are right for you. The best part is that you can customize what colors you want and how your brand appears on these products. Your brand. Our stuff. Perfect together.