Engaging Millenials with Promotional Products

Reaching out to millennials can be a difficult part of your promotional strategy, when you’re trying to increase brand recognition for your company through the usage of promotional products. Many people consider millennials to be a difficult generation to manage, and they’ve often been accused of being self-centered, lazy, and entitled, with a great deal of focus on the ’entitled’ part of that criticism.

However, all sweeping generalizations are bound to be proven effective and unreliable at various points, and since millennials have just as great intellectual capacities as do prior generations, they are certainly capable of making a big impact on the future and inspiring future generations.

According to prevailing opinion and current thinking, millennials are those individuals born between the early 1980’s and 1996, and they are definitely a generation of individualists. Millennials often strive to be trendsetters and to be independent, while sometimes being very skeptical of technological advances.

Millenial Skepticism

Since millennials have access to all the information which has been gathered through the ages, they are keenly aware of their surroundings and their place in history. They are also aware that competition is what drives business, and that it’s also what drives society. That means they also know that promotional offers are not always something that can be helpful to them, and this being the case, it means you’ll have to earn the trust of millennials if you really want to build your brand through promotional products given to them.

You should also be aware that millennials have a tendency to eschew global corporations and favor smaller businesses and brands, being very aware of any brands or products that they purchase. In the minds of the average millennial person, purchasing a given product is equivalent to making a statement about favoring it or not favoring it.

Millenials in the Digital Age

Another chief characteristic of millennials is that they are very much into digitalization, and are ready to carry the banners of technology forward. Every advance which makes life easier is championed by millennials. For instance, physical stores are no longer in favor with millennials, with them choosing e-stores and user-friendly apps instead, simply because it’s a more enjoyable process than shopping at physical stores.

Millennials also spend a great deal of time on the social media, where they can routinely communicate with each other. This is important for you to know as manager of a company, because you’ll more than likely have to make an effort to reach out to millennials on the social media they favor.

Why Target Millennials?

For the last couple decades, millennials were all kids and had very little impact on the economy of our country, but now all these kids have grown up, and they are at an age where they have stable jobs and stable lives. That means they are now in a position to buy property, to start having a family and to settle down, and to invest in various money-making enterprises.

As a marketer, this is something you need to be aware of. One of the ways which marketers are focusing their attention on millennials is by pushing their ads on social media, even though research shows that millennials don’t appreciate ads which appear in the social media. For one thing, the volume of ads is aggravating enough, and for another, these types of ads don’t really speak to millennials.

Research has shown that promotional products are still one of the very best ways of getting through to the millennial mindset. Instead of irritating the millennial person, promotional products make them feel good about themselves, and once that happens, the reciprocity principle can come into play, where they feel like patronizing your company. Because you have made them feel good about themselves with a promotional product, they in turn want to favor your company by buying your products.

Engaging Millennials

When you try to reach millennials, it’s good to have a few things in mind about what to focus on. First of all, don’t oversell the product, because millennials are very quick to notice when people are trying hard to sell something to them. That means they’ll also be quick to reject such proposals, which means you should instead focus on simply putting your product in the best light you can, and forgetting the high-powered sales pitch.

Since millennials like to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, you need to make them feel as though they actually matter, and that they’re part of a larger process. It’s also a good idea to think outside the box when you’re attempting to reach out to millennials, because they tend to appreciate a surprise or anything that can be fun and uplifting. If you can include something that’s not too crazy, but is quirky enough to be appreciated by millennials, you will have nailed the right approach.

The last thing to remember when trying to reach out to millennials, is that you should try to incorporate a story with your products and with your company, that goes far beyond profits. Show them that your company and the products that you sell have a greater purpose, and that buying your products actually supports that purpose.