Effectiveness of Promotional Pens

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A great many companies today are focusing their marketing and advertising campaigns on digital media, and of course there are some definite advantages associated with that. However, there is a reason that promotional pens are still the number one giveaway product in the world, that being that everyone needs a good pen.

Whenever you are organizing a corporate event or conference, one of the best things you can do is to make sure that all attendees are given promotional pens as a kind of party favor, because you can count on everyone in attendance making use of those pens you dole out.

Effectiveness of Promotional Pens

A good deal of research has been conducted into the effectiveness of promotional pans, and promotional merchandise in general. In one survey conducted recently, over 1200 business executives were asked about promotional products, and nine out of 10 of them stated that they had a promotional pen sitting at their desk in the workplace, or in their office at home.

This is an impressive statistic in the digital era, and it shows clearly that just about every professional working today uses the pens they are given. So not only are custom printed pens an all-time favorite giveaway as a promotional item, they are also probably the number one most used product in existence as a giveaway item.

How Promotional Pens can Benefit Your Company

As with all promotional items, the whole point of giving out promotional pens is to create brand recognition for your company. Whether you are including a personal message on the pen or simply affixing your company logo to it, the impact will be the same. The more people who see your company name or any message from your company, the better it is for you and your business.

The more often you can get the same people to see your company name or logo, the better brand recognition it develops for your company. That’s why promotional items in general are such a terrific idea for marketing your company, because by including a branded company name on some kind of promotional item, you are literally embedding your company into the lives of the recipients.

Since pens are such an essential part of daily life in the workplace, and particularly in an office setting, you are thus creating a greater awareness of your company in the lives of all those office workers.

Giving Away Promotional Pens

When you’re thinking about given away promotional pens to increase brand recognition for your company, you need to think about which environments are best to use for your promotion. Some of the most popular ways of distributing your promotional pens are at trade shows, in the office, at client meetings, at community events, and simply as promotional gifts.

Trade shows always have a number of giveaways and promotional products involved, and they are the perfect environment for distributing your promotional pens. If you don’t intend to distribute your pens to a wide audience initially, you can limit the distribution to your office, and do some beta testing on your own employees.

When you have client meetings, make sure not to let your clients leave the building empty-handed, and make sure to put a good supply of promotional pens in their hands before they’re allowed to leave. Community events can have the same kind of context as a trade show, in that you should try your best to get as many people as possible to take your promotional pens, so they can be thinking about your company every time they use it. Lastly, promotional gifts are a great way to let your customers know how appreciative you are of them making purchases from your company.

As a general rule, whenever you are distributing your promotional pens, make sure that anyone accepting them has a personal interaction with your employees who are giving them out. A personal touch is always very important, and it’s also a great way of breaking the ice when you’re trying to establish communications with a potential new client.

Variety of Promotional Pens

The variety of promotional pens that you can choose from is literally endless, and they can be made of all different kinds of materials. The quality of the pen, the materials used in making them, and the design of the pen will all have an influence on what it costs to actually make them, of course.

For this reason, you should get the advice of a professional distributor before actually deciding on the kind of pen you want to use as a promotional giveaway. To the greatest extent possible, you should match the quality and the style of the pen to your company, and you should attempt to make it a high-quality item that will be used by all those people you distribute to.

If you’re trying to reach an audience which is more environmentally aware, you can have your pens made of recycled materials. On the other hand, if you’re trying to reach a corporate client, you may want to use a well-made metal promotional pen with customized engravings, to present a truly professional appearance that will be much appreciated.