Do’s and Don’ts: Company Graphic T-Shirts

One of many graphic t-shirts with the slogan "Revolution is coming"
Think about how you are going to create your graphic t-shirts.

We’ve talked a bit before about how graphic t-shirts can be as a great promotional item. However, like anything else, there’s more to branded t-shirts than just making one. There’s a lot to think about, such as layout, design, and intended audience. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should consider before beginning work on a graphic t-shirt.

To Be Trendy, Or Not To Be Trendy? That Is The Question.

You want to avoid following trends. Instead, a timeless design communicates more effectively than something trendy. You don’t have to be fashionable to make good promotional apparel. However, this idea might not be compatible with every situation.

Let’s say, for instance, your business is running a Kickstarter campaign and a graphic t-shirt is one of the rewards. In this case, you’ll want something a little trendy since the consumer is expected to pay for the product.

When designing a graphic t-shirt for your business, take your time with each step. Rough drafting is especially crucial since it’s where ideas form before being ironed out. The process of drafting begins with deciding who will be wearing this t-shirt. If it’s a shirt made for staff, there might be an incentive to make the shirt informative. Meaning an address, number, and maybe an e-mail could find its way somewhere onto the shirt.

These factors depend on what kind of business it is. For example, a restaurant that does deliveries, or even a construction company, would need contact info on their shirts. Avoid being informative in t-shirts designed for consumers, even if your handing out t-shirts at a promotional event. You don’t want people to feel like their billboards for your company. The logo or brand on the T-shirt itself is all the promotion they’ll need. The only exception is putting any social media handles on the shirt since those are far less formal.

The Minor And Major Details of Your Graphic T-Shirts

Know the voice of the company when deciding what goes on the shirt. Wanting to be aesthetically appealing is expected, but stay in line with the culture of the company. If your business’s personality doesn’t match bright and whimsical, putting a cartoon character on your shirts isn’t the best idea. This is why you should get feedback from your entire staff regarding designs. Make it a company effort and take into consideration the comments made, even by non-graphic designers.

On the technical side of things, you want your t-shirts to look as crisp as possible. Choosing the right font size is key to knowing how the design will be centered. Make sure the words and images on the shirt have a high pixel count before printing. Having choppy, pixelated looking words or images looks totally unprofessional and isn’t appealing to the eye.

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