Do Stress Balls Work?

Promotional Stress Balls

If you’ve been stressed recently, you’ll know the feelings of anxiety and metal pressure that can be bottled up inside, until you’re ready to burst. Stress management is a big part of mental health today, and in order to maintain your own good mental health you have to manage the anxiety that builds up inside, before it overwhelms you.

One of the ways you can do that is with promotional stress balls, which are actually a very fun and easy way to help you control the stress in your life. Many people enjoy them so much that it becomes the most popular promotional product they can use in their daily lives. This is just one of the reasons why it would be a great idea for you to print your company logo on stress balls that you can put in the hands of a great number of people.

You’ll find that you get an instant return on this in terms of brand recognition, visibility, and overall promotion of your company. One of the oldest relievers of stress in existence, stress balls are used in practically every office in America, especially in high stress environments.

Origin of Stress Balls

You might think that stress balls were developed by large corporations as a means of having managers take control of their daily anxieties, but the truth is that stress balls have their origins in China. Originally when they were invented, they were called Baoding Balls, and they had a very simple look at that time. They were always colored in natural tones rather than the bold eye-catching designs that we now see them in.

The original stress balls were made either of metal or wood, and their primary purpose was not to squeeze them, but to roll them around in the hands, while meditating and attempting to relieve stress. Although simple in design and appearance, the original Baoding Balls did have a bit of flair to them, in that they often incorporated bells and chimes. These bells and chimes would produce a soothing and relaxing sound which helped to relieve stress, as they rolled around in the hands of the person holding them.

The Chinese used these Baoding Balls in order to balance their inner energy, which they called the Chi, but which in modern terms we would consider the relief of metal pressures and stresses. Those first stress balls in China were also considered to be physical therapy for the person’s hands. The size, shape, and texture of the Baoding Balls were considered to be ideal for relaxing and relieving worn-out palms and fingers, improving circulation, and easing muscle tension as well.

Stress Balls do Work

There is actually some scientific evidence which backs up the claim that stress balls do work, and that they do provide a therapeutic benefit to the person using them. Scientists from all different parts of the world gathered at one time to determine whether stress balls actually reduced levels of anxiety in the individuals using them, or whether they were just pleasant to hold and squeeze.

Here’s the science behind why it’s so effective. Consider that in essence, your brain has two channels when it’s under pressure, the first one being a sensory channel which receives visual and auditory stimulation, and the second one being a more intellectual channel which attempts to put external and internal factors into context.

The second channel is always working to try to make sense out of our emotions, as well as the stimuli being received. In order to reduce the effects of stress, it is necessary to focus on the first channel, the sensory one. By providing the sensory channel with information that requires processing, your brain focuses much less on the intellectual channel, and whatever it is that you’re currently experiencing.

That means that by engaging in some activity like squeezing a stress ball at regular intervals, you actually forget about all those external and internal factors which may be stressing you out at the time. Because of this dual-channel functionality, engaging in any kind of physical activity like squeezing a stress ball, is one of the best possible techniques for reducing stress. That’s why physical workouts are also a tremendous way of reducing stress, but obviously you can’t do physical workouts while you’re at work in the office.

Physical Activity and Stress Balls

Given the above, it’s obvious that the greatest relief stress reliever possible is vigorous physical activity, because it forces the brain to focus on sensory activity, and to ignore the channel which is more concerned with stress. Stress balls cannot be quite as effective as a vigorous workout can, simply because of the difference in intensity levels, but since you can’t always drop everything and engage in a physical workout, stress balls can be a very feasible alternative.

This is one reason that a great many people keep them handy in the office place, especially since work stress is one of the very highest ranked stress triggers in the daily lives of many people. By squeezing a stress ball periodically, you will experience immediate relief from any stressful situation, and you’ll probably enjoy doing it just for the fun of it as well.