Custom Safety Vests are one of the Best Business Promotions

A warehouse worker displays one of his custom safety vests.
In addition to providing your workers with added protection, custom safety vests also offer the bonus of increased brand visibility.

Every business in the world has to be concerned with the safety of its employees, and while it doesn’t always call for safety equipment to be worn, there are many situations where employees would benefit by wearing high visibility custom safety vests to keep them safe from harm.

As a business person, you can take advantage of this need by having custom safety vests prepared which advertise your company name and branding, or any kind of marketing message that you’d like to convey to people who happen to see those vests.

You can distribute these safety vests to all the personnel in your own company, and there are even some other opportunities for having them distributed to people, for instance at local carnivals, fairs, and summertime gatherings.

Why Should you buy Custom Safety Vests?

Many businesses require safety vests as a matter of compliance with local or national safety regulations, and since they are constructed of bright colored fluorescent fabrics, they are generally extremely visible, to observers who are both close up and far away. It’s hard to miss a yellow, orange, or red colored safety vest, some of which also have reflective strips which can be seen at night and in low light conditions.

This high visibility aspect makes them ideal as media for presenting your message to anyone within visual range. While the bright color scheme increases safety for the wearer, it also generates a lot more attractive to casual observers, which is just what you want for your business message. Many industries nowadays require high visibility clothing for any workers who have to deal with hazardous conditions, and if you can prepare custom safety vests to accommodate these individuals, you can reach a lot of potential customers for your company.

This is a great way of having your message stand out from your competitors and for increasing public awareness of what your company is all about. One of the great things about safety vests, as opposed to some other types of promotional items, is that the workers who are required to wear safety vests generally have to wear them every day of the week to carry out their normal job functions.

A loading dock worker wears one of his custom safety vests while taking inventory on a shipment.
Custom safety vests help distinguish your workers and give them priority visibility on the job site, and they can do the same for your brand.

What Kind of Personnel can use Custom Safety Vests?

There are a great many more workers who require safety vests these days than ever before, because safety requirements have become much more stringent, and safety consciousness has risen significantly in the public eye, over the past couple decades. You probably could not drive down a highway these days and find transportation workers who are not wearing high visibility safety vests for their protection.

Any kind of company or workplace which deals with hazardous materials, or which works in a hazardous environment, will probably make it mandatory for its employees to be garbed in high visibility safety vests. This would also include people who work outdoors, those who routinely handle chemicals, those who work in emergency situations, and those who work in low lighting conditions or in risky circumstances. All these types of workers are great candidates for wearing high visibility safety vests, both for protection and for quick recognition by the public.

Construction companies are one great example of people in this category because virtually an entire team of workers will usually be required to wear safety vests which make them extremely visible to drivers and other workers. It also adds a measure of safety to the job, because even a glance will alert machine operators to the fact that human workers are in the area.

Almost anyone working in the transport industry, or on railroads, would be required to wear high visibility safety vests for safety. Manufacturing personnel who have to deal with heavy equipment will also generally wear safety vests, so as to prevent traffic accidents within a warehouse or at a manufacturing center.

Many members of the forestry and mining industries, as well as those involved in oil extraction, are required to wear high visibility safety vests as a means of protecting themselves from collisions, and from potential hazards which might not be detectable without the specialized clothing.

Emergency room environments often require personnel to wear high visibility safety vests, because they’re so recognizable by the public, and because that provides them a measure of safety and right-of-way preference, in the conduct of their jobs.

You’ll probably also have noticed if you ever go to a baseball or football game, or any other sporting event, that the management staff will be attired in high visibility safety vests. This is mostly for the recognition factor rather than for any true safety advantage, but it still constitutes another whole group of people who wear the vests.

Promote Safety and Promote Your Business

From the above, you may have discovered that there are a lot more people who wear high visibility safety vests than you may have originally thought, and all these people are prime candidates for your promotional safety vest distributions. Get your company’s message out, and increase brand awareness by having custom safety vests prepared and distributed to as many of the above personnel as you can possibly manage.