Custom Company Awards and How to Properly Use Them

Businesswoman stands up on stage and shows off one of the company awards she has received.
Company awards are known to boost morale.

We’ve talked a bit about how important company morale is before. What we didn’t mention in our last talk was awards and what they can do for your team. Part of a leader’s job is to reassure everyone in the workforce that they are valuable. This keeps their team working hard, finishing goals before deadlines, and enjoying the work environment. Here are some ways company awards affect employees, and some tips on how to go about giving business awards.

Hard Work Should Always Pay Off

Running a business takes teamwork. Everybody needs to work and grow together to make the ship stay afloat. It takes time to build the right team. Once you do, you’ll see how productivity flows more efficiently. When thinking of ways to show your employees that their work matters, make sure to also verbally reassure their value.

When deciding to have a physical representation of someone’s good work, make sure you pick an award that fits. The aesthetic difference between awards reflects their importance, and different types of awards work with certain situations. We at NYPPCO have a multitude of award styles to choose from so you can make your employees feel gratified.

Build Upon Your Businesses’ Public Persona

You could opt to make an award ceremony for your team. This creates the idea that the value of their work is worthy of public appreciation. That will do much good in improving company morale. This could even be used this as an excellent way to promote your company on social media.

It’s actually pretty common for people who are job hunting to look at every aspect of a company’s public image. People want to know if their working for people, and not a soulless corporation. You could make a post regarding the actual ceremony, accompanied with pictures of course. Or you could post the employee with their award after the ceremony. This makes prospective employees who look at a company’s social media have a better opinion of your business.

The Why Is Something You Need to Think About

Understand why you are giving these awards. Don’t just shove an accolade on a piece of wood and tell someone they earned it. These awards should showcase that an extra mile has been run. That the employee in question has shown immense dedication to their work, and that dedication has lead to inarguable results.

With that in mind, it also might be a good idea not to hold such ceremonies too often. Make the awards look like something that’s not easy to attain, which it shouldn’t be. However, this is not a golden rule. Not every office works the same, and not all employees react to things the same way. Maybe the atmosphere you’ve built around the workplace calls for such regulatory reassuring and celebration. The call is yours, and no one method works for every business.

Company Awards From NYPPCO

Now that your head is filled with ways to improve the company morale around the office. Take a look at the huge variety of company awards that NYPPCO has to offer. We have wooden plaque’s, glass statue’s even padded certificate holders all on our website. Pick whichever one works best with your work environment.