Consider USB Drives as Your Next Promotion

USB drives icon with long shadow. Flat design style.

Customized USB drives imprinted with your company name can be an absolute boon to your business and can increase its visibility among other business people, managers, executives, and even students who will be soon joining the workforce. There are few things which are as handy or as well received as a computer USB drive because files and images can quickly be copied to it for easy transfer to any other machine with a USB port.

While years ago, everyone used to have to buy these handy little gadgets, now they are probably more commonly distributed as promotional items by companies than they are purchased, because companies recognize the advertising value of giving them away to large numbers of people. The benefits provided to recipients of these handy little accessories can hardly be overstated, but what is it about them that makes them such powerful promotional tools for businesses? Here is a glimpse into some of the reasons behind their appeal, and why you should consider giving out a good number of USB drives as part of your marketing strategy.

USB Drives Are Ubiquitous in the Workplace

Whatever kind of computer you might be using in the workplace, your machine almost comes equipped with at least one, but probably several USB ports. Thus, no matter what kind of device you happen to be using, you will probably need the same handy little file transfer device to go between machines, with whatever information is being shared.

USB drives are easy to use; they can hold a ton of information, and they are almost impossible to beat for convenience in the office. If you’re a person that makes use of your USB drive, or several of them every day at the office, you may even want to put one on your keychain, so that you never forget to take it to work.

Vast numbers of office workers today feel the same way about the usefulness of their USB drives, and that makes these little items one of the very best marketing tools you could think of because they are so prevalent and so necessary in the office environment.

Ideal Promotional Gift

There are hundreds, and probably thousands, of items which can be used as promotional materials to increase the visibility and the perception of your company brand name, and your business in general. However, not all of these items have the same usefulness, either for the home setting or the office environment.

That is unquestionably not a criticism you could make about USB drives because virtually everyone in an office workplace will need to copy files and transfer them to some other machine or give them to a colleague who requires that information on them. That’s what makes a USB drive such an ideal promotional item - there is virtually no one who would turn down this handy accessory because he/she doesn’t need it or use it. If you use computers, you probably need USB drives as well.

Long-Term Visibility

Another reason that a USB drive is such a great promotional gift is that, on top of the fact that everyone uses them, they don’t wear out. These office accessories are not the kind of product that will be used once or twice and discarded, or which might be used for a month and then discarded.

USB drives are maintenance-free and virtually indestructible unless you somehow manage to hammer the terminal or crack the casing. Other than one of these disaster scenarios though, chances are a USB drive is something that will have significant utility for the average office worker for a very long time. That means it will have promotional value for the same very long time, and that it will keep announcing your company name or logo day after day, for months or years after it was gratefully received.

More Bang for Your Buck

In addition to all the other amazing attributes ascribed to this tiny little device, a USB drive is one of the most inexpensive and worthwhile items in the work environment. This is particularly true when they are purchased in large quantities because companies selling such promotional products are more than willing to provide a bulk discount on such items.

Because USB drives have such high utility and excellent value, they are perceived by most people as being a kind of high-end gift when received. This is also a desirable perspective to cultivate on the part of a company wishing to establish its brand name or maintain a quality perception associated with that brand.

USB drives also come in a tremendous variety of appealing colors and casing styles, as well as a range of storage capacities. When using USB drives as a promotional item for your company, you can go big or small on storage capacity, and still provide targeted recipients with a much-appreciated gift, which will continue to reward the supplier for months and probably years.