Choosing the Right Promotional Branded Mugs for Your Business

a sea fome green mug with the words "your design here" printed on the front acts as a visual example of what a branded mug would look like.
Branded mugs are a delightful and elegant solution for promoting your business.

Drinking coffee has become something of a national obsession in the U.S., and it seems to be a requirement that every single day must start with a tall cup of coffee to jumpstart the daily mental and physical processes. Many people stop at a coffee shop on the way to work to get their daily wake-up call, while others won’t leave home without having first imbibed at least one or two caffeinated beverages. This national craze requires that an endless selection of coffee mugs be available for people to support their morning routine, and that’s something you can take advantage of to promote your business. By choosing just the right kind of coffee mug with your branded promotion displayed, you can keep your company name in front of not only the coffee drinking owner of the branded mugs but all the friends and relatives who come in contact with that same person.

With such a built-in free advertising market available to you, it’s definitely worth your while to find the right mug to promote your business, and then make those mugs available to the public.

Why Mugs are so Effective

Underlying the description above, wherein the coffee-drinking public is known to love their morning cup of java, there is the simple truism that mugs are extremely functional, as well as having decorative appeal. This means that when you get your mugs into the hands of consumers, they’re actually going to use them, and there’s even a fair chance that they’ll grow attached to them. As promotional items go, that makes coffee mugs one of the best items you can use to promote your business.
Identifying Your Target Audience

You might think that target audience for coffee mugs would be pretty much everyone in the country, and up to a point that’s true. But you can narrow down your demographics so as to make your promotional efforts much more concentrated, and ultimately more effective. Chances are your targeted audience should include all your existing customers, any new customers you hope to appeal to, and of course, all the employees of your establishment.
This is an important point because it will affect the design that you put on your branded mugs. For employees, the simplest design is probably most appropriate, and your existing customers probably fall into the same category. When you’re trying to reach new customers, however, you may want to develop a design that has some novel expression of your company’s products or services, which makes the mug something a new customer would want to have.

Branded Mugs Design

When you’re considering the design you want to display on your coffee mugs, you should, of course, take into account the kind of company you are, so that it can be displayed effectively somehow on the mug. If your company is one which has very conservative values, chances are you’ll want to stick to a fairly simplistic design which emphasizes your stability and reliability.

On the other hand, a fairly new company which is being aggressive in the marketplace might better be characterized by some dynamic kind of logo or phrasing which makes it distinctive among competitors. Regardless of whether you’re seeking to convey dynamism or conservatism, you can still do it in a very stylish manner, depending on the kind of mugs that you choose for your promotion.
Bright colors can be very effective at attracting attention, sizing will have an impact on what you can display in the way of text or graphics, and the shape of your mug will also contribute to its appeal to your target audience.

a white coffee mug sits on a table as two men discuss business in the background. Branded mugs are effective becasue people take them to work.
The trend of Americans drinking more and more coffee allows for the opportunity to use branded mugs to promote your business.

Travel Mugs

One specialized type of coffee mug that more and more people are making use of is the travel mug, which almost every kind of vehicle can accommodate by having a cupholder right next to the driver’s seat. This could be one of your very best options for a promotional mug because it’s literally traveling with the owner everywhere he/she goes, and that means your company name is right in front of the driver every day.
While travel mugs are limited in design somewhat by the size required to fit in a cupholder, there is still a world of possibility in the text or graphics which can be displayed on the mug itself. All the other elements of design can also come into play to promote your business, and that will ensure that your company brand moves right along with the mug owner, and is frequently seen by all the passengers in the vehicle.

Budget Considerations

Obviously, your financial resources will be a big determinant in the kind of branded mugs you choose to represent your company, and of course the more money you have allocated to the promotion, the likelier you will be to achieve your objectives. However, even on a fairly modest budget, you should be able to come up with a promotional mug that effectively represents your company, and provides consumers with a very appealing and functional mug which they can use every single day. In order to make the most of your budgeting, do as much upfront planning and strategizing as you can, before committing to a design that will work best for your business.