Benefits of Using Promotional Shopping Bags

Promotional Bags

Many people who are looking to get their business a big boost, turn to digital marketing, either through the social media or website promotions. However, there are still some good old-fashioned marketing tactics which can be a huge benefit to your business, primarily through the use of promotional products like shopping bags.

Some of the benefits you can obtain through using promotional shopping bags, just cannot be achieved through the social media or other digital means. When you’re looking for an effective way to quickly get your message across to a vast number of people, there are very few vehicles suited to the purpose more than promotional shopping bags.

If you embark on a campaign using promotional shopping bags, you’ll find that your branding receives greater recognition, your profits are increased, and your company’s image is strongly promoted.

Marketing Benefits

The more people who are carrying around your promotional shopping bags, the more free exposure you get out in the community. Anyone that you can deliver a promotional shopping bag to is going to become a walking advertisement for your company. People will carry their shopping bags to the grocery store, to work, and to any other place in the community they happen to be going that day.

In the process, they will be seen by hundreds of other people who notice the branded shopping bags, and who are instantly put in touch with your company. This is a far more effective means of campaigning than any television ad or any flyer that you can develop for the purpose. You can use your promotional shopping bags to publicize events, sales, and even product launches, since they’re ideally suited for publicizing just about anything.

Branding Benefits

All companies strive to achieve brand recognition and brand awareness, but this gets harder and harder as more companies appear in the marketplace, all of which are struggling for recognition as well. This is exactly where branded promotional bags make a big difference in your marketing campaign. With a good print design, your promotional shopping bags can bring about a significant increase in brand awareness, whether you are a company, a charity, a non-profit organization, or a foundation which is looking to get its name out in front of the public.

The main point of interest to you is that branded promotional shopping bags will in fact create brand ambassadors and advocates for your organization. If you’ve created a clever enough design, people will use these bags over and over again, bringing them to the attention of countless others they come in contact with. Not to be lost in the context of making others aware of your company, is the fact that the people whom you deliver these promotional shopping bags to, are themselves very likely to become loyal customers of your company.

Return on Investment

Whenever you can put promotional shopping bags in the hands of several people, you’ll be receiving a double return on your investment. First of all, the people whom you give the bags to will then be looking for your company the next time they need products or services which are in your line. Secondly, anyone who sees the people walking around with your promotional shopping bags will also be curious about your company, and they will be someone inclined to try your products or services as well.

Boost to Your Company Image

For the most part, promotional shopping bags tend to be made of eco-friendly products, which are very conscious of the environment. Even people who are not themselves aware of the environment, will generally appreciate the fact that your company is making an effort to conserve resources and become sustainable.

By putting out these promotional shopping bags, you are declaring to all your potential customers that you care about the environment and its well-being, and that you’re doing something about it. That fact alone, will be enough to have a certain number of people use your promotional shopping bags and promote them to others.


Unlike many forms of advertising which are extraordinarily expensive, promotional shopping bags can be extremely inexpensive. Sometimes ads on the social media can be very costly, especially for instance on YouTube. Also, if you need to hire social media experts to carry out your campaigns, that can run into a very expensive situation as well.

Promotional shopping bags are inexpensive to make, and the more you order, the greater will be the savings that you experience, and the greater will be the return you get from people whose hands you put them in.

Versatile and Customizable

Reusable and customizable printed shopping bags are extremely sturdy and will last for quite some time. They are handy enough that they can be folded up and put in your pocket or your backpack, and then pulled out for use as a grocery bag instead of a purse. The fact that they’re so durable means that people whom they are given to will probably use them for a very long time.

Even more important to your company is the fact that they are literally a blank slate where you can put any kind of promotional material you want on the sides. You can put an eye-catching logo of your company on the side along with a promotional message, or you can simply design something that is attention-getting all by itself and include your company name on the bag as well.

With a little bit of creativity, you can get your message out and put your company name in front of a great number of people, for a fraction of the cost that it might cost you through other forms of advertising.