Back To School Promo Products for Any Grade Level

A chalkboard that says "Back to School" in the background of books and an apple, encouraging your school to use back-to-school promo products for the upcoming academic year.
Back-to-school promo products are a great way to enter the new academic year with extra school spirit!

What Back to School Promo Products Can Do for Your Institution

Promotional items for use at school give students of all ages a fresh start to the academic year. At NYPPCO, all of our school supplies can be custom-imprinted with your school’s logo. Whether students are entering kindergarten or finishing their senior year of college, we have back to school promo products for every step of their educational journey.

Back to school promo products are a great way to build school loyalty for parents, alumni, faculty, and students throughout the year. They can even be used for fundraisers to raise money for extra-curricular activities and clubs. In addition, promo items can build school spirit when given as rewards for students who demonstrate excellent academic performance.

Different educational institutions are best suited for different promotional items. At NYPPCO, we cater to their varying needs, from private grade schools to public universities. Our goal is to get your students excited for a fantastic school year to come.

Back to Elementary and Middle School

Doing homework is an essential part of every grade school student’s academic foundation. Your school can provide students with homework supplies, or sell them at a reduced price at fundraisers.

Branded Calculators

At NYPPCO, we understand that each grade’s homework necessities vary with their changing curriculums. That’s why we have both scientific calculators for middle school students starting on algebra, and basic 8-digit calculators for grades 1-5. All of our calculators are small and portable, so they can be easily carried in students’ backpacks without adding bulk.

Customizable Protractors and Vinyl Rulers

Every year, too many plastic rulers are shattered at the bottom of heavy backpacks or cracked from everyday wear and tear. Our flexible vinyl rulers are a sure-fire solution for preventing broken rulers. Since they can be bent and twisted without losing their shape, they’re a good fit for grade school students.

Protractors with your school logo will encourage young students to learn about angles, as they provide a fun alternative to the boring measuring devices found at office supply stores. Math can be a difficult subject for young students, but with branded rulers and protractors, they can finish their homework with an extra bit of school spirit.

USA-Made Wooden Pencils and Mood Pencils

Students in grade school will always need pencils. Pencils are also a fundraiser favorite - our heat-sensitive mood pencils change color as the writer grips the barrel. Mood pencils are a fun alternative to conventional yellow no.2 pencils. School isn’t boring, and your custom-branded writing utensils should reflect that!

For students’ everyday writing needs, we carry high-quality USA-made wooden pencils that can be imprinted with your school’s logo. Handing out school-branded pencils at the beginning of the academic year takes the stress off of parents shopping for school supplies.

Getting High School and College-Ready With Promo School Supplies

As students enter high school, they need different school supplies to cater to their shifting academic focus. NYPPCO has everything you need to keep students motivated from their first pep rally to Graduation Day.

A mini shopping cart filled with colored pencils, highlighters, and post-it notes, which are a few of the many back to school promo products NYPPCO has to offer.
At NYPPCO, we have back to school promo products for all students, whether they’re in first grade or finishing college.


Journals and Pocket Jotters

In high school, students need notebooks that are more durable and convenient than the wire-bound spiral notebooks of the lower grades. Having easily accessible notes is very important for high-schoolers since they can be invaluable study tools when finals season arrives.

We carry soft-bound ruled journals that provide a touch of sophistication. When branded with your school logo, keeping a neatly organized set of notes has never looked so good!

Pocket Jotters are a great place for high school students to keep small reminders. The start of high school can be busy and hectic, so your back to school promo products should help guide your students through their year with convenient and useful accessories.

Branded Pens and Highlighters

Being a high school or college student means having a lot of reading material to cover. It also means graduating from pencils and markers to pens and highlighters. Highlighters are a great way to annotate challenging academic information, and pens are always a school necessity. Your high schoolers will appreciate your branded writing utensils, and approach their reading passages knowing that their school cares about their success.

Imprint Your Logo on Our Mugs and Tumblers

College students are constantly on-the-go. Whether it’s commuting to and from campus, hanging out with friends at a coffee shop, or writing a paper that requires a trip to the museum, college students are always looking for new ways to experience their newfound independence.

NYPPCO’s vast drinkware options cater to their fast-paced academic lifestyles. Our selection includes a wide variety of mugs, tumblers, and thermoses that come in different colors and designs. All of these items can be customized with your university or high school’s logo.

Getting Your School Spirit on With NYPPCO

At NYPPCO, we take back to school promo products seriously. We are experts in providing your students with fun, useful, and relevant supplies. Academic success starts with the right tools, and our products are guaranteed to get the school year off to a fantastic start. Check out our catalog for all the products listed above, and more!