Are Custom Promotional Products Worth Your Time and Resources?

A series of colorful bags represents custom promotional products.
Custom promotional products are an exciting way to get your brand awareness rolling.

It seems that there’s almost nowhere you can go these days without encountering someone’s custom promotional products that are being used to increase brand awareness for a business or to draw attention to a specific company’s products and/or services. If you ever stopped to wonder whether these promotional products are just a pleasant little token, or whether they actually have an objective, you should banish all such doubts.

Promotional products which have been customized for a business are some of the most effective marketing tools available, and in truth, some of these simple little representations of a company can be far more useful and productive than marketing strategies which cost far more and achieve far less. Here’s how custom promotional products benefit your company, as perceived from the standpoint of business terms and real business numbers.

Return on Investment

Apart from all the intangible benefits which accrue to a company utilizing custom promotional products for marketing, there are some hard-number benefits as well. A well-known study conducted in 2014 found that 96% of marketing personnel who made extensive use of promotional products, felt that the products used by their companies were very effective in raising brand awareness.

In the same survey, participants from the consumer sector declared that at a rate of 73%, they would purchase products or services from a company which provided them with appealing promotional gifts. The interesting thing about these survey results is that both sides of the issue were treated at the same time, and both indicated an overwhelming majority who favored using custom promotional products to attract business.

It is estimated that the average person will own between 10 and 12 promotional products at various points during their lifetimes and that each of these will be retained for somewhere around seven months. While it doesn’t exactly constitute a lifetime, it does take in a significant amount of time, all of which the owner would be exposed to your company and its message.

Compare that to a radio spot or a television advertising message, either of which will fade away in 60 seconds or less. If you had half a year of exposure for your company with a number of potential clients, wouldn’t that be like a dream come true?

What’s even more interesting is what happens after a recipient has finished using any particular promotional product which they’ve been given. Another survey which was conducted in 2013, discovered that more than 63% of people who finished using a promotional product they had been given, passed it along to a friend or relative. Not only does this extend the total time of exposure for your promotional custom promotional product, it increases the audience that it gets exposed to.

There are a number of reasons why custom promotional products are so effective, and why it’s a strategy that almost every company could benefit by.

A busy trade show represents a perfect venue for custom promotional products.
Custom promotional products can be a game changer when used as giveaway items for trade shows.

Brand Recognition

It’s a well-known marketing platitude that one of the very best ways to increase brand recognition among potential customers, as well as existing customers, is through physical promotion. When people are given custom promotional products, over 85% of them can identify the company which provided the products, even if they have retained the product for many years.

In addition to brand recognition, this kind of custom promotion will almost always improve your reputation among recipients, as a study conducted by The Advertising Specialties Institute proved in interviewing more than 2,000 people. When asked how they felt about companies providing them with custom promotional products, there was a near universal positive response, with many people indicating they would purchase from the company.

Long-Lasting Impact

Longevity is a big factor in the value of custom promotional products, with an uninterrupted exposure to branded items being more impactful than other forms of marketing and advertising. People can easily fast-forward through television advertising, or walk out of the room when it’s in progress, but a branded promotional item stays close by all the time. As a matter of fact, some custom promotional items become very popular within a household, and some individuals may even form emotional attachments to them.

Advantageous Investment

Another great thing about custom promotional products is that their cost does not increase significantly from one year to the next, making them a very advantageous investment, because the cost is so predictable. Other forms of marketing and advertising are not nearly so consistent, with potential costs fluctuating wildly each year. Once you’ve purchased a store of custom promotional products, they can be distributed at your convenience for a long period of time, without any further investment or cost.

Mass Marketing Aspect of Custom Promotional Products

Another of the great appeals of custom promotional products are their potential for mass marketing. It is known that more than 90% of people who are provided with promotional products become actively engaged with a brand or its company, at least on a daily or weekly basis.

A branded coffee mug, for instance, might still be in use years after it was first received, and even if it’s not on the table every day, it’s still sitting in the cupboard waiting to be used when guests arrive. This kind of potential, which involves the possibility of your promotional product being seen by multiple people for an indefinite time period, is just an unbeatable way to advertise and market your company, as well as any message you wish to convey.