Are Branded Bags an Effective Product?

Empty textile branded bags.

Using branded items to promote your business has been shown to be one of the very most effective means of increasing awareness of your brand among clients and potential clients, all of which leads to business growth. According to one promotional merchandising organization, almost 3/4 of people surveyed who were supplied with a branded item from a specific company, then went on to purchase from that business at some point in the future.

The investment that you make in purchasing branded bags as a means of promoting your business to a targeted audience can yield results exponentially beyond the amount of your original investment. This is true for both the currency of good will, but in the more tangible expression of actual purchases.

While providing clients and potential clients with a useful item they can carry things around in, you will also be reminding all those people daily of your company brand, and anything else you’d like to include on the bag, such as a phone number, street address or website.

The world of advertising is extremely competitive, and any small advantage which can be gained on a rival might be critical to your success. The benefit branded bags provide is one that could make all the difference between you getting a leg up on your competitors, or having them do the same to you, by some other means.

Another great thing about branded bags is that they come in a tremendous variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as specific purposes which can benefit clients. Here are a few of the most popular ideas for branded bags which can give your company a tremendous promotional boost.

Computer Laptop Bags

A considerable number of white-collar workers need a good quality laptop bag to transport their laptop computers to and from work daily, and that means this is a carry item which will necessarily be looked at and used every single work day. When it’s your company name and other information that the owner is looking at, it can be an excellent trigger for actually making contact with your company about a purchase. If you can provide a large number of people in your target audience with a high quality, handy laptop bag, you should be able to accrue months or possibly even years of built-in promotional value from it.

Conference Event Laminated Bags

One of the first thing that many attendees will do when they’re at a conference with lots of companies in attendance is to secure for themselves a bag, in which they can put all the goodies they collect from those companies. If you can have a good number of these laminated bags printed up with your company logo, name, and any products or services you care to promote, you will have provided a large number of people with an essential and useful item that they will look at repeatedly in the coming days.

Student Backpacks

Practically everyone uses backpacks these days, including students, workout enthusiasts, office workers, and all kinds of people on the go. Packs are probably more popular than almost all other types of carrying bags, because they leave your hands free, and can still hold all kinds of materials without putting undue strain on any particular part of your body. All backpacks also have a large area in the center, which can carry a logo or some informational content that will identify your company as the provider of this useful carry item.

Multi-use Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags have much the same appeal as backpacks, in that they can be used for gym workouts, carrying books, or just for transporting miscellaneous materials. Of course, they are somewhat less expensive than the more rugged backpacks, but they still have tremendous utility, and that means they will be seen by a great many people in addition to the owner/carrier.

Mini-Cooler Branded Bags

These lightweight bags with insulated lining are perfect for picnics and small gatherings, or they can be used to carry around drinks that need to be kept cold. Such mini-cooler bags are used at many sporting events and other outdoor get-togethers because they’re convenient and they do an excellent job of maintaining beverage freshness. This can be a very inexpensive way of advertising your company and its products or services.

Cotton Shopping Bags

Shoppers everywhere are being swept up by the appeal of environmentally friendly shopping bags – and what could be a better way of promoting your company, than having your name and logo emblazoned on the side of one of these environment-friendly items? Your company brand will get visibility every time the bag owner goes shopping, and since they’re already in a purchasing frame of mind, that desirable perspective could extend to include your products and services as well. Like virtually all the other branded bags that you could have made up to promote your company, these will be sought after by shoppers so enthusiastically that you may not be able to keep up with the demand for them.