5 Trendy Wedding Favors That Won’t Break the Bank

A placecard reading "Maid of Honor" and a gift box on a plate, an example of wedding favors.

When it comes to weddings, we all know how expensive they can be. From the invitations to the flowers, from the venue to the suits and dresses, the whole process can require a large budget. But it’s all worth it to create memories that last a lifetime. Weddings need wedding favors, and you need something that’ll show your appreciation to your guests for coming but doesn’t add too much more to your expenditures. Today, we have five ideas that fit your budget and locates that balance well.

Ideas for Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors

Holiday Ornaments

Firstly, we have an option for winter weddings: holiday ornaments. These ornaments are a simple gift that they can hang on the tree in the coming weeks (and for years to come!). It’s a great way to say ’thank you.’ To make it extra special, you can get creative by adding your names (i.e., Smith-Carson Wedding 2018) or themed designs like two rings interlocked with one another, etc.

With wedding favors, we like items that are useful and aesthetically appealing – holiday ornaments strike this balance nicely. As long as you choose a classic wooden design or high-quality glass model, these trinkets are sure to impress your guests without costing you an arm and a leg.

Wedding Mixtape

With this option, you actually have something that offers multiple benefits. Firstly, these CDs can be paired with beautifully designed cases to match the theme of your wedding. With a small sign saying ’songs for the ride home’ or ’please take a copy of our wedding soundtrack’, they can be packaged nicely, allowing for memories to be kept forever. NYPPCO specializes in full-service printing and print these cases with any design and text you choose.

In terms of the CD itself, we like the idea of choosing all the songs that play during your wedding; for example, the song played as you walked up the aisle, your first dance, etc. In addition to this, you can add a few of your favorites. In the years ahead, all your guests have to do to remember the day is play the CD. Since you can do these yourself, or get a friend to help, they are affordable to produce and offer something unique.

Custom Printed Place Cards

With most weddings, the seating plan can sometimes go awry when guests decide where they want to sit for themselves. If you’re looking to resolve this while also providing an affordable wedding favor, why not choose specially-designed place cards? With a unique wooden or thick card stock design or perhaps a design that ties into the things you love or the place you first met, your guests can take them home to keep.

Although this option doesn’t have a function, it’s all about the memories they represent, earning them a place in keepsake boxes, fireplace mantles, or even home offices. If it only serves to streamline the seating process, this is a bonus in itself, right?

Personalized wedding favors in the form of wedding-themed cookies.
Sometimes, sweets, personalized cookies, and custom boxes of chocolates make the best wedding favors.

Chocolate Boxes, Candies, and Other Treats

If you want to win the hearts of all your guests, give them something to enjoy the next day. In the past, we’ve seen some superb personalized chocolate boxes, custom bags of bonbons, cookies decorated with your wedding’s theme, and many more customized food gifts. NYPPCO’s catalog is full of yummy treats that can be imprinted with whatever you like, whether it’s your event name or your company logo.

When choosing to give the gift of food, make sure you have options available for those who may have special dietary restrictions, and it could also be a good idea to cater for the children. When you choose to go with these types of treats, you can make adjustments depending on your budget and the way in which you wish to make it link back to you and your partner.

Brainteasers and Games

Finally, we have something truly unique to finish: customized and themed brainteasers and game sets for your guests to try. Not only will these simple ideas take your guests back to their childhood, but it will also make your wedding unique for all the right reasons. For example, you could offer custom Rubik’s cubes, personalized adult coloring books, temporary tattoos for children, and the type of games we all used to make from a simple piece of paper (like the origami fortune teller, for example).

As long as you make an effort to personalize the wedding favors and thank your guests in some way, a thrifty wedding budget can cover numerous ideas. From festival-style wristbands to designed glassware, NYPPCO has everything you need to host a memorable wedding! I