5 Reasons to Use Marketing Items

Several illustrated marketing items.
Start using marketing items today!

One of the most important actions a business can take is supporting its brand. That’s why so much money is spent on advertising and marketing. Companies are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to get their name out there. In the world of promotion, marketing items are often overlooked when they are actually a pretty successful investment.

Why Marketing Items Work

Marketing isn’t cheap, and if you are going to spend your money, you have to be sure that your promotional efforts are working. Not only are marketing items like branded apparel and merchandise effective, they come at an affordable cost. Let’s run through a couple of reasons why this form of promotion works so well.

  • They Serve as a Great Introduction - Promotion products and items make introducing your business easier. In fact, people are more likely to do business with you after receiving a marketing item. It creates a worthwhile impression in their minds.
  • Marketing Items are Useful - Who doesn’t need a pen, calendar, mug, or tote bag? These everyday items are perfect because people use them all the time. They are 69% more likely to pick up a marketing item if they found it to be useful.
  • Items Boost Your Marketing Campaign - Marketing items can be an incredible aid to larger campaigns. For example, say you are running a television commercial featuring wristbands. You can then give those wristbands out at trade shows, which helps your commercial stay in the minds of viewers.
  • People Keep Them - Remember when we said people found marketing items to be useful? Well, they also tend to keep marketing items in their home for almost 7 months. As an advertiser, this is great news. Your brand gets months of exposure.
  • Brands Are Remembered for a Long Time - Promotional products supply your brand with long-lasting visibility. They also give you the kind of result that you hope to achieve. In the end, 89% customers are able to remember your brand for up to two years after they receive a promotional product from you.

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